Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Design Services

FPGA design services involve creating custom digital circuits on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for high-speed, parallel processing. Sirin Software's expert team specializes in RTL coding, place & route, and verification, delivering optimized FPGA designs for various applications like signal processing and communication systems.


Our FPGA design service covers everything from conceptualization to validation. Proficient in VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog, our specialists create solutions for image processing, encryption, and rapid communication. We serve industries as diverse as automotive, industrial automation, IoT,  telecom, and energy management. Our familiarity with prominent FPGA suppliers, including Xilinx, Intel, and Microchip, guarantees the provision of state-of-the-art, dependable FPGA designs customized to meet your specific needs.

Verification, Validation & Prototyping

Through strict verification and validation procedures, our team guarantees that the final FPGA design matches all requirements. Additionally, we carry out extensive prototyping and validation, making sure your design complies with performance standards and your goals.

Embedded Software Development & Migration Services

For FPGAs that require it, we offer embedded software development services to create a complete solution. Our expertise also lies in platform or technology transitions, where we preserve requirements, optimize performance, and guarantee flawless FPGA design migration.

Synthesis, Place & Route, and Design Optimization

This is the point at which your FPGA design starts to materialize. In order to optimize your design for the intended FPGA chip, we take care of the synthesis and place & route phases. You will receive the most effective and economical solution as a result of our skilled FPGA design services.

Timing & Functional Analysis and Optimization

We analyze timing aspects and functionality to make sure your design meets all performance criteria, optimizing it for speed and reliability. We also focus on optimizing resource utilization, power consumption, and performance, creating efficient and cost-effective solutions for your projects.

RTL Design, Simulation & IP Core Integration

Specializing in Register-Transfer Level (RTL) design, we make certain your hardware logic is efficient and error-free, simulating it to verify the design before synthesis. Additionally, we handle the complex task of integrating IP cores to add functionalities like signal processing and communication protocols.

Architecture Development & HDL Coding

Our custom FPGA design services outline the best FPGA architectural design that aligns with your specific requirements. This foundational phase sets the stage for a successful project. We also use languages like VHDL and Verilog to write the essential code for your FPGA system.

We Can Create a Product for You

We can help you in a variety of ways if your interest is primarily in FPGA design but you’re also thinking about the bigger picture of product development. Our FPGA design company covers everything from hardware to software integration, making your product stable, dependable, and ready for the market:

IoT Integration
If your FPGA design is part of an IoT ecosystem, we can help integrate it for seamless device communication.

Machine Learning Algorithms
Enhance your designs with machine learning capabilities for smarter, more efficient products.

User Authentication
Add layers of security with advanced user authentication systems integrated into your setup.

Network Configuration
Your setup may need to connect with other systems. We can establish secure, fast networking configurations. Our field-programmable gate array design services offer advantages like design adaptability, rapid market entry, and reusability.

Custom Controllers
Create custom control systems that interact seamlessly with your designs.

Sensors and Actuators
Integrate sensors and actuators for real-time data collection and action.

Power Management
Efficiently manage the energy consumption of your FPGA-based product with smart power solutions.

Storage Solutions
Implement data storage solutions that are compatible with your FPGA configurations.

Real-time Analytics
Benefit from real-time data analytics features that can be built around your FPGA-based solutions.

We Deliver FPGA Design for Different Application Fields

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays are very adaptable and useful in a variety of fields and applications. Our customized FPGA design services can serve a variety of fields and applications. Here are some of the specialized areas we can service:

Data Processing
Ideal for data centers and cloud computing, FPGAs can accelerate data analysis tasks, offering optimized data bandwidth and reduced latency.

Device Controllers
Create custom logic controllers for industrial machinery, consumer electronics, and automated systems.

From the backbone of 5G infrastructures to satellite communication systems, FPGA designs offer unparalleled speed and reliability.

Motor Controllers
Optimize speed, torque, and efficiency in electric motors for applications like electric vehicles and industrial automation.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Utilize FPGAs for real-time data collection and processing in smart home systems, industrial automation, and connected vehicles.

Video Surveillance Services
Enable real-time analytics and smart monitoring features like facial recognition and anomaly detection.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
With FPGA, we excel in FPGA and signal processing design services, beneficial in telecommunications and scientific research.

Consumer Electronics
Optimize the performance of smartphones, wearables, and other consumer devices.

Medical Image Processing
Improve the accuracy and speed of MRI, CT scans, and other medical imaging technologies through custom FPGA designs.

Wired and Wireless Communications
Enhance the performance of network routers, switches, and base stations, supporting various communication protocols.

Voice Recognition Software
Implement robust and low-latency voice recognition features in smart devices, automated systems, and virtual assistants with FPGA.

Video Processing
FPGAs enable real-time, high-definition video processing tasks such as filtering, image enhancement, and encoding for broadcasting or surveillance.

Embedded Systems
Our comprehensive FPGA services cover FPGA integration within embedded systems for specialized tasks such as robotics control, automotive safety systems, and more.

FPGA Development Process

Conceptualization, Feasibility, and System Architecture

RTL Design, Coding, and Synthesis

Simulation, Verification, and Place & Route

An in-depth analysis of the unique needs of the client is part of our initial phase. We do a thorough feasibility analysis, taking into account time, resources, and financial restrictions to determine project viability. Then, our team moves on to develop a system architecture. It describes how various hardware and software components communicate with one another as well as how the FPGA will integrate into the entire system. In this stage our engineers describe the FPGA design at the Register-Transfer Level (RTL), using hardware description languages like VHDL or Verilog. This phase is foundational for establishing the behavioral attributes and functional framework of the FPGA design. Following this, the RTL code is synthesized to convert it into a gate-level representation. Before any hardware implementation, the design undergoes rigorous simulations and verification processes in a controlled environment. This phase aims to identify and fix any logical or functional errors. After verification, we carry out the “place & route” process, strategically pointing the physical locations for gates and other components within the FPGA layout.

Prototyping, Validation, and Design Optimization

Testing, Debugging, and Documentation

Final Overview

Once verified, the design is instantiated on a prototype FPGA board. This real-world implementation is needed for confirming that the design meets all the functional and performance benchmarks. After validation, the design undergoes an optimization phase, where we fine-tune various parameters like resource utilization, power consumption, and overall performance to meet the client’s objectives. At this stage, we conduct an exhaustive testing cycle, mimicking real-world conditions to identify any possible inconsistencies or bugs. Any issues found are debugged, and the design is further refined. Alongside, each development stage is meticulously documented, which not only provides quality but also serves as a valuable resource for future development or adjustments. Once all the above stages are satisfactorily completed, the project undergoes a final, in-depth review to rigorously make sure that every single aspect aligns with and meets expectations. It’s important to highlight that our FPGA development services focus exclusively on the design, development, and prototyping stages. We do not engage in the mass production or formal certification of the FPGA boards.

Cooperation Scenarios

Idea & Consultation Partial & Complete Designs

Prototyping & Validation

Whether you approach us with just a conceptual idea or seek expert consultation, our team is here to refine your vision into a feasible FPGA design project. Our team can step in at any stage – be it an incomplete design or a fully realized one – for completion, expert review, or optimization. If you have a working prototype or a design ready for validation, we assist in testing, validation, and preparation for the next steps.

Turnkey or On-Demand

Collaborative Development

Project Rescue & Strategy

For end-to-end solutions or on-demand consulting, we offer seamless project management or specialized FPGA expertise without long-term commitments. Whether it’s augmenting your in-house team for joint development or working alongside your engineers, we offer a collaborative approach. For stalled projects or long-term partnerships, we can diagnose issues to get you back on track or establish a deep, strategic collaboration for multiple FPGA projects.

Tools We Use

High-Level Synthesis Vivado HLS
Catapult C
Impulse C
Simulation Tools ModelSim
Hardware Description Languages VHDL
Board Design Software Altium Designer
Solidworks PCB
Debugging ChipScope Pro
Xilinx Vivado Logic Analyzer

Why Choose Sirin Software?

Expertise & Customization

Comprehensive Services & Quality

Advanced Tools & Collaboration

With years of experience in FPGA design, our team offers deep expertise and specialized solutions like custom IP cores for sensor applications. This guarantees your project is both innovative and uniquely suited to your needs. Whether you’re at the idea stage or have a working prototype, we offer a client-centric approach and rigorous validation processes. Choosing our FPGA design firm guarantees high-quality output and peace of mind, knowing your project is in capable hands. Utilizing industry-leading board design software and offering a collaborative approach, we provide precision and reliability. This results in cost-effective and time-saving solutions for your projects.