Consumer Electronics Product Development

By: Segiy Sergienko, 5 Apr 2021
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Today, consumer electronics solutions are an integral part of our lives. For example, according to Statista, consumer electronics segment revenue will reach USD 415,897 million in 2021. This means that now is the perfect time to start the design and development for consumer electronics. Thus, it’s an opportune moment to focus on consumer electronics product development

Let’s talk about the lifecycle and the main trends in consumer electronics product development.

Customer Electronics Product Development Stages

At Sirin Software, each new project goes through seven standard stages of consumer electronics product development (some of them may have several iterations to achieve maximum product competitiveness). Let’s discuss them in detail.

Product concept development. This stage of the electronics product development process includes the approval of the product design and its functional characteristics. Also, if necessary, our team conducts detailed analysis for existing solutions of competing companies. As a result, our engineers draw up terms of reference, product design, and development for consumer electronics solutions with a full characteristics description.

Drawing up a detailed list of specifications. During this stage of consumer electronics development, we define the design specifications and provide full product performance analysis. Next, we select the electronic components, request the relevant technical information from the suppliers, and make preliminary cost estimates. During the final stage, we assemble a prototype and evaluate software costs (if necessary, create consumer electronics applications) and hardware solutions, as well as study potential vulnerabilities.

Device development. At this phase of consumer electronics development, we design an electronic microcircuit (printed circuit board) and create a list of components to finally calculate  suppliers’ prices. Next, we define the physical controls and design the program part of the UI.

Test batch launch. During this stage of electronics product development, we buy the components, assemble the PCB and manufacture the first devices that are as close to the final design as possible. After that, we conduct tests, as well as upload the operating system, drivers, and system software. Also, the customer can add or change functionality.

Certification tests. Within product design and development for consumer electronics, your project may need some certifications, such as FCC, UL, EU, and others. According to our experience, you may need pre-certification tests to not risk serious material losses. At this stage of consumer electronics development, we also define the device class and prepare the test schedule.

Preparation for production. This step of the electronics product development process allows us to prepare the product for serial production and to identify design defects that may have been overlooked. Then we carry out the hardware and software optimization, prepare the documentation and create instructions for the final assembly before production.

Product manufacturing. Finally, for successful product design and development for consumer electronics, we start industrial production of ready-to-sell items.

How to Measure Project Success?

The Sirin Software team has prepared some tips to measure the success of your electronics product development project:

  • define the application area. Determine the expected project result and the potential to meet the needs of the TA;
  • choose the deadline. Calculate when your project will be completed and evaluate how far you may be behind the approved schedule;
  • check the budget. Check if your full-cycle consumer electronics product development process was completed within budget. The ability to deliver a project on budget is a good indicator of success;
  • make sure of the team’s satisfaction. Make sure that your team is satisfied with the work, because this is what indicates the success of your project the best;
  • get confidence in TA satisfaction. Find a way to track your customer satisfaction throughout the product life cycle, and up to delivery;
  • prove the product quality. Track the product quality during the full-cycle consumer electronics product development and make changes if necessary. Make sure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase and the delivery service.

Consumer Electronics Trends

Finally, let’s explore the top consumer electronics product development trends identified by the Sirin Software team experts.

Smart speakers

For the last few years, some leading hi-tech companies have developed smart speakers. By the way, most of the manufacturers base their devices on one of the dominant platforms – Google Assistant or Alexa.

Smart house solutions

Another trend in electronics product development is smart home development. Very soon, most people will own at least a few smart devices such as speakers, televisions, ovens, refrigerators, thermostats, and washing machines. This is when smart speakers will take on the role of a home technology control center.

Consumer drones

Another consumer electronics solution is camera-mounted drones that have caused a huge stir among professional photographers and videographers. According to experts, the popularity of drones will only keep on growing. So why not take into account the full-cycle consumer electronics product development and create your solution right now?

Consumer robots

One of the next hi-tech consumer electronics solutions is robotics. Consumer robotics brings together robots for communication, entertainment, and household tasks. In Japan, social robots have been really popular for about 15 years now. So why not start developing your own robotic consumer electronics solutions before other savvy entrepreneurs do it?

How to Find a Customer Electronics Development Company?

If you are looking for a company to spend the minimum budget and, at the same time, provide a truly high-quality product design and development for consumer electronics, we recommend you resort to outsourcing development services, for example, the ones from Ukraine.

In particular, Sirin Software manufactures printed circuit boards, microcircuits, microcontrollers for household appliances, and create consumer electronics applications that allow you to bring any scenario to life. During the full-cycle consumer electronics product development we always pay special attention to the optimal installation location, the required efficiency, and the permissible power loss.


At Sirin Software, we offer both traditional consumer electronics product development solutions and solutions based on advanced technology concepts such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. 

To complement these, our expertise also extends to consumer IoT solutions and services, providing comprehensive and innovative approaches to IoT implementation and strategy.

Contact us to discuss the details of consumer electronics solutions development specifically for your project, and visit our blog to learn more about the technology stack used.