Dedicated Team Model Productivity

By: Segiy Sergienko, 5 Dec 2016
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Outsourcing software development services give you an opportunity to decrease development costs by 60 % by choosing the right pricing model.

Dedicated approach is one of the most efficient and popular types of outsourcing cooperation.  The main advantage of applying the dedicated development team model is the enhancement of effectiveness and productivity, along with cost reduction.

In pursuit of the main goal- reducing development expenses- startup projects and companies without a domestic IT department highly demand such teams.

What is a dedicated team?

The term refers to:

  • Client’s team extension.

As a client needs to complete their own in-house department software, the outsourcing company assembles a skilled professional team which meets the stated requirements.

  • Full-service team.

A team of developers, designers, QA engineers and a project manager. The project manager guides the team, assigns tasks and oversees the development process.

How to start with dedicated development team model:

  • It is important to note that the given approach is most suitable for long-term projects;
  • First, contact the outsourcing company which provides the needed services and provide them with a list of requirements for potential development team members;
  • The chosen service provider selects suitable candidates among their own staff or finds them in the local market;
  • Once the team is organized, the outsourcing company project coordinator or client’s in-house manager gives all the necessary instructions.

Benefits you are getting with dedicated team approach:

  • Task focus. Your dedicated team is 100% involved in the project.
  • Product quality improvement. Specialists who have worked together on a project before deliver better development results once they are in team again. For example, analysis shows up to a 19% reduction in coding mistakes.
  • Cost reduction. Development teams are 30% more likely to keep to the budget limits and deliver a high-quality solution at term. There is no need to spend money on expensive hardware, software, office space, etc. Pay only for the time developers work on your project;
  • Time saving on management. With agile approaches and tools like JIRA, it’s easy to track tasks and monitor your team members’ performance.

Sirin Software has significant experience applying the dedicated team model while working on clients’ projects. Together with the client, we agree on the workload, timelines and project requirements. Then we provide the most suitable IT professionals, who meet the clients’ needs and fully concentrate only on one project at a time.

Therefore, the dedicated team model always means high quality, so if you are ready to hire an offshore dedicated team of developers, contact us for consultation and discussion of your project requirements.