The Internet of Everything: What You Should Know

By: Segiy Sergienko, 17 Sep 2021
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To fully understand the direction in which IoE development is heading, you need to pay attention to the concept of “Internet of Things”. In fact, the Internet of Things is the forerunner of technology development. Devices connected to the Internet of Things mainly transmit information unilaterally to the cloud for further subsequent data analysis. The difference between Internet of Things and Internet of Everything lies in the expansion, that is, the use of previously not included objects in the network, and in even deeper automation of processes.

Internet of Everything

The Internet of Things is being replaced by a new all-encompassing concept, which includes the Internet of Things itself and even a person as one of the participants of the interaction. The concept includes three interacting categories in one: 

  • People
  • Data
  • Things

Being in this position, a person can not only receive feedback from devices, but also delegate tasks to AI. Thus, a person may not take part at all in the processes that the thing is now performing on the basis of the data received by it. For example, IoE development makes it possible to imagine a refrigerator that determines the expiration date of products by means of a label on them.

At the same time, we understand how difficult this all is in terms of data transfer and storage. Our example demonstrates the difference between Internet of Everything and the Internet of Things: everything that can be attached to a sensor is connected to the network. This means a complete rethinking of the work of the healthcare system, management, logistics, traffic and all our usual life. 

The IoE development market is expected to reach $ 1.386 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 10.53%, this number was at $ 761.1 billion in 2020.

IoE development

It is interesting to think about the fact that it was IoE development services that made it possible for people not to leave their homes during a pandemic. Automation of production, corporate software, a well-thought-out food delivery system – all this would be totally impossible to imagine without the Internet of Everything. This is an invaluable help for a healthcare system which we haven’t even touched yet.


A large amount of data is collected manually in hospitals, including vital signs. They are stored in spreadsheets without getting into the patient’s record, which makes data analysis difficult. With the help of IoE development services, this data can be collected automatically. An even more important factor is that such automated monitoring of the patient’s condition is possible even from his home, using personal care systems (like through using fitness bracelets). Also, first responders can be connected to the traffic management system, which will help reduce such a precious time for patients, this is already widely done by the Internet of Things development company.


Internet of Things development companies, such as Sirin Software, prove that this technology can be used in almost every detail of the logistics process. Optimization of loading and unloading processes, customer interaction, automation of warehouse processes, etc..

For example, providing remote control and monitoring of trucks can be a huge savings. By installing sensors, you can monitor the size of the cargo, the occupancy and the general condition of the transport, and select the fastest route.

It works with water and air transport in the same way, because they lend themselves no worse to automation, and finding an Internet of Things development company will not be difficult at all. 

Traffic management

IoE development provides an opportunity to solve one of the most important problems in a modern city – road accidents. Also, IoE development services can increase the average speed on the roads without any risk to health, using smart road lighting sensors, traffic flow analysis, and automatic traffic light control.

The same changes are taking place in rail systems. IoE development market

provides services for controlling train speed, automatic rerouting and prevention of accidents.

Smart home

Smart home is the point from which the development of IoT began. With an annual growth of 25.3%, the market will be valued at $ 313.9 billion by 2026! The fact is that there have been serious changes in the field associated with a decrease in prices for processors and sensors, which will stimulate the development of the IoE development market and “smart home” in particular.

The smart home concept assumes that you can control any device in your house connected to the Internet using a web interface or an application on your phone. Here are some reasons why people use smart things:

  • Security

Security can be provided by smart locks and CCTV cameras, and even if something happens to them, all the information will already be on the cloud server.

  • Efficiency

Smart devices can more accurately determine the energy they use, you can start a more responsible approach to the use of electricity, water etc., spending less time on it.

  • Comfort

You have the option to turn on the air conditioner or light, make coffee and do all of the above while on your way home.

Internet of Things development company, such as Sirin software, can help you design the optimal monitoring software for your entire home. IoE development has already managed to make the “smart home” phrase familiar to almost everyone, and there are few people now who don’t have smart things in their home, and most likely, these are just the first steps that are already fundamentally changing our lives.

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