Finding a Software Provider via Outsourcing

By: Segiy Sergienko, 23 Oct 2019
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Finding a reliable development company can be challenging. A number of crucial factors need to be taken into account – from the overall pricing to the optimal geographical location.

To make your search easier, we have composed a brief guide on how to look for software development partners most effectively and efficiently. Some of the points it includes are the following.

Define Your Exact Requirements

For starters, figure out which basic requirements your future product should meet. This can be related to the specific technology, budget, scaling ability, level of security, etc.

Next, choose the most optimal cooperation model your potential remote team of developers should adopt. This can be either a Dedicated Team (DDT) or a Research & Development (R&D) model.

The first model is when you hire developers for a full eight-hour rate with possible overtime, provide your in-house management services for managing the team, implement certain project management tools that your business has already been using, etc. It is as though you are expanding your existing team of developers, part of which is to work remotely.

As for the R&D model, this implies that the hired team is completely autonomous (i.e., it has its own PM that coordinates developers by thoroughly translating client requirements). This option better fits organizations that want to keep the focus on their ongoing business processes yet would like to let specific experts handle a certain project.

Keep in mind that clear specifications for your future product are crucial and let a hired team understand the ins and outs of what they are about to take part in.

Download our full guide to find out more about the fundamental software requirements you may want to highlight in your particular case.

How to Find the Best Contractor?

Looking for a contractor, you should pay close attention to a number of aspects, including, for instance:

  • pricing policy (cheap doesn’t mean good; equally, overly high developer rates don’t necessarily mean great quality);
  • geographic location (inconvenient time zones can cause communication issues);
  • specialization (in many cases, it’s sensible to look for companies specializing in a particular niche, such as Insuretech);
  • client feedback (this should be validated, as many companies tend to post fake testimonies on their websites);
  • product development model (if you practice agile while your selected developer’s team is focused on waterfall, issues may emerge in workflow monitoring).

Do you want to get more detail about selecting a reliable software development company? Our guide includes a list of recommendations on the most efficient approaches to seeking a contractor. Download it via the link right now.

Don’t Forget About the Contract

Two major types of contracts are usually made with contractors – NDAs and NCAs.

An NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement governs the confidentiality of involved information and commercial secrets. It’s required when you need to protect the rights for your concept and other important data. If such data is leaked or stolen, with an initial NDA, you can go to court and prove your rights for the commercial secret. In such a case, a dishonest contractor will be obliged to pay appropriate damages.

An NCA or Non-Compete Agreement prevents any competitive efforts by your hired contractors. It ultimately prevents a conflict of interest. Such an agreement restricts the contractor’s rights to implement professional activity in certain areas. In exchange for the restricted rights, contractors get appropriate compensation: high pay, perks, future income percentage, etc. This is a mutually-beneficial deal that helps all parties peacefully settle conflicts and disagreements.

Check out our guide to find out more about the specifics of such contracts.

Download the Full Guide Right Now!

Let us help you solidify your developer seeking efforts to get the best possible results. Download our brief yet exhaustive and comprehensive guide right now here.

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