Free workshop on Raspberry Pi

By: Segiy Sergienko, 7 Oct 2016
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Sirin Software has joined the efforts with Belka Student Coworking Zone and organized free workshop on Raspberry Pi!

It’s gonna be tough, you’ve got to study how to code on pure C, lacking the operational system itself. That will enable you do the tasks in the real time and get into the depth of more complicated aspects of the embedded systems comparatively to Arduino.

The workshop will be led by Sirin Software Engineer, Dmitriy Vitman, who has a broad experience in embedded software development.  

On the workshop you will familiarize yourself with:

  1. The basics of downloading and installation process of software development tools  for RPI without Linux;
  2. The main steps of downloading your app to the memory after RPI starts to run;
  3. How to work in RPI with GPIO on the register level;
  4. How to write a program for LED flashing on pure C without Linux
  5. How to debug the programs through the serial RPI port (uart).
  6. Ways to handle timers and register-level interruptions

The facilities will include over the dozen of Raspberry Pi boards. We will also invite Consultants from Lampa Lab. You will have the chance to test your programs on RPI and get all the feedbacks really quickly.

The necessary background: C and computer architecture basics (addressing modes, PCI, interruptions, etc)

The workshop will take place in Belka Coworking Zone on October,22 (Saturday) in the first half of the day. Duration: 2-3 hours.

Price: Free

The number of places available is limited. So please sign up for the workshop

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