How Ukraine’s IT Sector Support Helps the Economy

By: Segiy Sergienko, 6 May 2022
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Many countries around the world came to the aid of Ukraine in wartime. They have become a reliable rear for the military and the country’s economy. The second important pillar of support is the companies that are still operating, paying taxes, and donating large sums to support the army and people.

Since the first days of the war, Sirin Software has not stopped its work and continues to provide services to its customers around the world. Like most of our colleagues, we were faced with team relocation, operational issues, and the need to find new ways to solve everyday situations and problems.

With this article, we want to show how the IT sector lives in Ukraine today, and why investing in it is the best thing you can do.

What is the IT sector of Ukraine, and why is its existence important?

Today, over 300,000 technical specialists work in Ukraine, most of whom have successfully found their place in the international market. Our country is actively moving towards digitalization, and this gives unique expertise and motivation to developers. High qualifications, a constant increase in the pool of technical talents, state support, a more loyal rate – all this allows us to talk about far-reaching prospects and the transformation of Ukraine into a powerful IT hub during the next few years. According to January 2022 data, the potential export sales turnover that the Ukrainian IT sector is able to generate is at least $37 billion over the next four years. This data includes not only developers but also other specialists who work in IT companies.

To date, a preliminary estimate of the physical damage to buildings and infrastructure in Ukraine from the war is about $60 billion. The total losses after two weeks of the war exceeded $120 billion. Despite huge amounts of humanitarian aid, it is impossible to fully cover all the costs of reconstruction.

The main problem is that funding is needed already now, for first aid and the organization of asylum by IDPs. Taxes and assistance with donations from citizens are able to cope with all these issues. In simpler terms, the solvency of the population with work. Since the IT sector has almost the highest profitability, it pays the highest taxes and allocates huge amounts to help. All this allows us to support the state and Ukrainians. That is why cooperation with Ukrainian companies means no less than direct contributions.

Is it safe to hire in Ukraine? How does Ukrainian business work now?

After the onset of the pandemic, the Ukrainian market, and in particular the IT market, managed to perfectly adapt to working on a full remote or hybrid model of cooperation. This made it possible to go through the adaptation process at the team relocation, much more efficiently and quickly.

In the first couple of weeks of the war, most companies relocated teams and their families to safer cities in western Ukraine and abroad. Thus, work on current and new projects were resumed by mid-March without significant delays in project deadlines. From our own experience, we can note that even when working on firmware and embedded projects, our team was able to quickly adapt to the new conditions.

The main changes in the organization of work affected rather the internal processes of companies. We are talking about the expansion of social packages, the company’s active involvement in volunteer movements, participation in the cyber army of Ukraine, assistance to employees, and much more.

Due to deep professional expertise and sufficient knowledge of foreign languages, specialists who find themselves out of work can find employment in companies in Europe, the USA, Asia, and so on. Thus, our specialists become part of the global market, paying taxes and supporting their families at home.

The hiring option always depends on your budget and requests. For example, you can use the services of recruiting agencies, then the entire search and recruitment process will be shifted to the shoulders of the agency. You will receive a ready-made list of candidates for consideration.

Among the most popular official sources for finding employees in Ukraine:

LinkedIn , UpWork, freelancehunt, Remote Ukraine are undeniably popular. You can also use resources that publish top outsourcing companies, for example, Business Name Generator or Behance.

As for the cost, in Eastern Europe, the average rate is $30-50/hour. Creating a simple turnkey application costs $50-100 thousand.

How can Sirin Software help you?

Sirin Software is a reliable R & D partner offering a full turnkey development cycle with subsequent integration. Each of our projects provides for scaling and upgrading in the future.

Our services:

  • development of IoT solutions;
  • development of embedded software;
  • system software development; 
  • platform development;
  • cybersecurity solutions;
  • networking solutions;
  • firmware development;
  • cloud solutions;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • software development;
  • Web development;
  • mobile application development.

A wide technological stack allows us to implement a project of any complexity from scratch. Our team is safe and we want to be of service.

Bonus: additional ways to help Ukraine

In addition to hiring our compatriots for work, you can also become a volunteer in your country, helping within the framework of your expertise or temporarily hosting migrants. Another way to help is to use your sites and social media accounts to demonstrate the true situation in Ukraine.

You can also donate to trusted organizations:

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