IoT Areas of focus overview

By: Segiy Sergienko, 17 Nov 2016
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The Internet of Things is called to be the next Industrial revolution and represents world-changing scenario linking smart objects to the Internet. It’s going to change all businesses, governments and consumers interaction with physical world.

IoT can generate data to everyone from technologists to marketers.  And each one will find smarter use of the highly detailed data, location-specific marketing and consumer experience to be competent to react accordingly.

According to latest market researches based on real IoT projects the largest IoT segment in terms of number of projects is connected industry. It covers wide range of connected devices in machinery, mining, industrial equipment, etc. Industrial IoT drives innovations in manufacturing and industrial processes.

Next upward trend is in IoT projects related to Smart cities. Traffic monitoring, smart parking services, street lighting management become the common initiatives started by governments around the world.

Each day, more homeowners are enamored with the idea of the Smart home as connectivity and access to the Internet had already become widespread enough to finally start becoming a reality. Houses become equipped with new technology and gadgets that aim to boost connectivity and personalization for householders everywhere.

Smart connectivity enables solutions for wide range of equipment and devices. Digital nervous system is created by sensors and connectivity enables network inputs. Smart homes, remote patient monitoring, fitness and personal wearables are being incorporated into everyday lives worldwide and designed to fulfill specific human requirements.Sirin Software has completed the number of IoT projects mainly in Smart cities and Smart industries areas:

  • Parking access and revenue automation;
  • Flexible control and monitoring architecture for facilities and environment monitoring, industrial processes control;
  • Wireless Connection Manager (WCM) that helps to connect devices instantly and securely with no setup on the user side.

More details about our IoT solutions you can find on Case studies page.The Internet of Things is one of the biggest technology trends taking place right now, and it’s going to give us the best opportunities over the next years.

 Industry  Use cases  Example devices
Building monitoring, equipment & personnel, public service enhancement, traffic congestion, waste management. Environmental monitors, street lights, police, fire, parking, water treatment plants.
Appliance monitoring & control, children & elderly protection, energy management, entertainment, home monitoring, security. Alarms, appliances, game consoles, home electronics, thermostats, video surveillance.
Monitoring & management for offices, retail, hospitality, restaurants, airports, stadiums. HVAC, lights, security, fire & safety, POS terminals, vending machines, digital signage, inventory tags, NFC payment.
Alternative energy generation & management, energy management, oil/gas process efficiency power generation. Drills, fuel cells, generators, smart meters, turbines, windmills.
Asset tracking, equipment maintenance, factory & resource automation, materials manufacturing, process automation. Bins, fabrication, machines, motors, pipelines, pumps, tanks, valves.
Air, automobiles, marine, navigation, rail, traffic management, trucks, vehicle diagnostics. Automobiles, planes, self-driving vehicles, ships, toll booths, truck fleets.
Diagnostic, hospital/clinic/doctor office, remote/home patient monitoring, medical implants, mobile POC, labs. Cardiac implants, chronic disease monitoring, medication compliance, telemedicine, sleep therapy machines.
Personal comfort, safety, health/fitness, entertainment. Personal fitness, smart watches, augmented reality, virtual reality.