IoT protocols: Comparison for Better Comprehension

By: Segiy Sergienko, 29 Nov 2021
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The most successful corporations and fast-growing startups can no longer imagine their successful existence without the AWS Cloud service. With the help of the service, businesses are enabled to support a wide range of workloads (including mobile and web applications), game development, processing and storage of large databases, archiving, and the like. 

Today, the Amazon Web Services platform is able to offer a fairly wide range of global cloud products such as computing services for cloud computing, database storage, analytic services, networking technologies, services for mobile devices, developer tools, management services, AWS services in IoT applications, provisioning services, security, and various corporate applications. 

Using all this, you get an excellent opportunity to develop your business faster, reducing IT costs and significantly scaling your projects.

Why choose Amazon Web Services cloud for IoT applications:

  • The ability to innovate quickly with excellent scaling and fast relocation, saving money.
  • The ability to develop intelligent IoT solutions using advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence integration technologies.
  • The ability to create innovative solutions with a wide variety of functions, thanks to a reliable and adaptable cloud framework that can scale to billions of gadgets and messages.
  • The ability to create innovative and diverse solutions based on a secure, proven, and flexible cloud infrastructure that scales across a billion devices and messages.

AWS Services in IoT Applications

AWS Cloud Infrastructure service provides AWS services in IoT applications that can connect with an infinite number of devices and manage them effectively. These services are widely used in manufacturing, various areas of consumer goods, commerce, the automotive industry, and many others. This makes it much easier to gather, store, and dissect IoT information on workloads. The infrastructure itself is divided into three main segments, depending on the focus of the products.

Device Software

These AWS Services and AWS Cloud Infrastructure service tools enable you to connect and manage devices at the edge.


If you are faced with a task for which you need to use microcontrollers, then this open-source online operating system is what you need. It significantly improves on programming, deployment, security, connectivity, and management for small, low-power peripherals. The system consists of a kernel with a constantly updated set of software libraries that are used in various industries. 

This operating system is often used to attach gadgets to an AWS Cloud service such as AWS IoT Core for small gadgets with low power consumption, and to Amazon Web Services IoT Greengrass for more powerful peripherals. The most important advantages of the system are its simplicity and reliability.

AWS IoT Greengrass

With this software, you can more efficiently extend Amazon Web Services capabilities to your peripherals. Your devices can work with the data they create locally and use the cloud to manage, analyze and store it.

With AWS IoT Greengrass, you can use your connected devices as AWS Lambda, run Docker containers, predict processes based on ML models, and synchronize device data while safely interacting with different gadgets, even offline.

Services for Connection and Management

These AWS Services enable you to secure, control, and manage gadgets in the cloud.

AWS IoT Core

No need to provision and manage servers with the ability to connect IoT gadgets to AWS Cloud. AWS IoT Core can handle an exponential number of devices and messages while reliably and securely handling and sending those messages to AWS recipients and other devices. 

With the help of AWS IoT Core, any of your applications can be enabled to continuously monitor the devices in use while interacting with them even if they are currently autonomous. The number of interacting devices connected to the cloud is also almost limitless, which makes it possible to successfully scale device fleets.

AWS IoT Device Defender

If you are looking to reinforce the security of your IoT fleet, AWS IoT Device Defender will be the best managed service you can find. You can persistently review IoT setups while avoiding violations of the best security practices. Device configurations are usually represented by a set of technical parameters, configured appropriately to protect information when devices interact with the cloud or with each other.

This service greatly simplifies the process of maintaining and applying new IoT configurations. That is, it is now much easier to verify device compliances, their authenticity and authorization, and encrypt data along the way.

AWS IoT Device Defender is capable of automatically alerting you to potential security vulnerabilities in IoT configurations through customizable alerts. These messages, for example, might contain information about concurrent use of compliance certifications by multiple IoT devices or attempting to connect devices with revoked compliance certifications to AWS IoT Core.

AWS IoT Device Management

When you connect hundreds or even millions of IoT devices in a deployment, you need to control and monitor and manage fleets of connected devices anyway. Proper and reliable operation of devices after deployment is a guarantee of the success of the project. Provide reliable access to your gadgets, monitor their condition, troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely, and efficiently manage software updates with AWS IoT Device Management.

Analytics Services

It is no secret that collecting large databases and working with them requires quick and accurate analysis to understand the value of information and make the right decisions, as well as to avoid serious mistakes due to the huge amount of information.

AWS IoT SiteWise

Gather, store, coordinate, and track industrial equipment information at scale with AWS IoT SiteWise and make informed decisions based on trusted data. Sirin Software creates applications for analyzing industrial equipment data that can help you avoid costly equipment problems. Collecting data from different devices, quickly identifying problems with remote monitoring, and optimizing processes will be fully automated.

AWS IoT Events

This service helps simplify the processes of detecting events from sensors and timely response of IoT applications to them. Events, on the other hand, are some kind of template data, by which it is possible to determine more complex non-standard circumstances.

For instance, some changes in the equipment when the belt gets stuck, disruptions in the operation of motion detectors, and much more. With AWS IoT Events, you no longer need to create expensive custom applications that collect data and then make a logical decision to detect an event and launch another application to respond to the event.

AWS IoT Analytics

This service impresses with its simplicity in performing complex analyzes of large amounts of IoT data and cloud computing data. Now there is no need to create your own analytics platform for IoT devices at all, which is a significant economic bonus for any company. It is the easiest way for analyzing IoT data and gaining insights to make more informed and accurate decisions for IoT applications and ML use cases.


The IoT sphere is striking in its variety and breadth of use of devices from simple beacons to complex industrial equipment and smart home systems. And the emergence of platforms for optimizing development brings the degree of process automation to a higher level while significantly simplifying our life.

AWS Cloud service enables developers to dramatically accelerate development processes and raise the bar for stability and reliability to the next level. Some of Sirin Software‘s own case studies have shown that months of work on custom server modules can be reduced to a couple of weeks or even a few days using the AWS Cloud service.

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