IoT Software Development Companies: What You Need to Know to Pick the Best

By: Segiy Sergienko, 18 Mar 2021
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IoT software development companies are growing in size and, actually, we are witnessing yet another technological revolution right now. According to Microsoft research, more than 80% of large IT companies are adopting IoT solutions, eventually accumulating an average of 25% ROI.

However, 97% of CEOs admit that they have concerns about the security of IoT application development, and 38% cite complexity and technical issues as an obstacle. Approximately 47% admit the lack of qualified specialists in the related labor market.

How do you choose a company you can really rely on? Sirin Software is ready to share its own vision.

What are IoT Software Companies?

The Internet of Things enables centralized systems that connect equipment, access points, and data networks within a single universal network managed by a special application. The developer of such a project is focused on creating software that allows interconnecting devices and setting the whole network functionality in motion. 

Common Requirements Toward an IoT Services Company

Let’s take a look through the major decision-driving factors to consider when choosing an IoT software development company:

Field of operation

Before planning your IoT application development, you need to define the specifics of the product. With clear goals, applications can be used in a wide variety of industries.

Business analytics

The huge value of IoT software development lies in the ability to accumulate and collect massive amounts of analytical data for further business optimization and improvement. Using analytical information, you can also launch more efficient advertising and product promotion campaigns.

Devices integration and compatibility

The usual idea of a business is to expand, grow, and get bigger profits. An IoT services company must not only be able to create a working solution but also take into account the constantly shifting business demands. Companies must carefully identify obsolete equipment and hardware based on particular goals and business results.


The biggest issue in any kind of business is security. A long-term relationship with a company that protects ideas and preserves customer data is beneficial. Information security and protection are an important part of IoT software development. The major security measures should include thorough encryption, access control, etc.

Work culture and policy

This is one of the main factors in choosing an IoT services company for business. Before choosing a partner, you need to familiarize yourself with the applicable regulations, practices, policies, and feedback mechanism, support, and response times. It is also extremely important for a developer to understand the details and business culture of their clients in return.

Competent team

Thanks to the development and updating of technologies, IoT applications are getting bigger and better. It is recommended that you contact companies that have a group of high-tech and knowledgeable developers. And it’s good if the Internet of Things development experts are able to create a convenient and intuitive application, as well as pay attention to the development of architecture, servers, and firmware.

Custom IoT Development Services

The number of IoT software developers is expected to grow by 21% by 2028. But what types of qualifications should Internet of Things development experts be? The company should have departments with three types of professionals:

  • Network connection specialists;
  • Data collection and analysis experts;
  • Software and hardware engineers.

The responsibilities of Internet of Things development experts should include designing, coding, and testing IoT products. Some projects may also include building cloud-compatible firmware.

How to Choose a Provider of IoT Development Services?

There are three important rules to follow when looking for a reliable IoT services company:

  • Look beyond the experience and track record of the development team by also testing technical skills.
  • Check the IoT portfolio of projects to make sure the developer is trustworthy and experienced.
  • Decide on the technical skills you need to implement your ideas. The technical stack usually depends on the complexity of the product and the specific requirements. However, Internet of Things development experts need to have experience with algorithms, design patterns, data structures, control systems, as well as sensors and wireless communication.

Qualified Internet of Things development experts should be familiar with the major specifics of Ethernet, TCP/IP networking technologies, have a clear understanding of the different types of memory (RAM, ROM, and Flash), microprocessors, microcontroller architectures, and different types of connection protocols.

They must have experience with general-purpose operating systems (GPOS) and real-time operating systems (RTOS). Some projects may require a deep understanding of AutoCad systems, GPS design, and more.

In IoT projects, deep knowledge of C or C++ is often critical. Also, some projects may require Python, Javascript, and Node.JS.

Choose Internet of Things development experts who are well versed in embedded systems and hardware capabilities.

Projects can require varying computing or processing power, memory size, and more. Qualified IoT designers should be able to optimize the target system by providing ideal configurations of form factors, CPU, memory, storage, and I/O.

Bottom Line

The foundation of the Internet of Things is accessibility: the more things, people, associations, and networks an IoT system interconnects, the better. IoT software companies are getting creative. They are always at the forefront of innovation, otherwise, their solutions will not be able to keep up with technology.

The best tools are used for development: cloud servers, gateways, analytics, and dashboards. When evaluating IoT software companies, you need to consider the protocol used, scalability, bandwidth, edge intelligence, pricing, integration, data recovery, and communication transparency.

All this is provided by Sirin Software. The professional team of IoT software development company will promptly offer a solution that suits your needs so contact us right now!

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