By: Segiy Sergienko, 10 Oct 2016
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Sirin Software is proud to announce that our CEO Alex Nikitenko will be among speakersat conference «IT MED: IT solutions in healthcare, existing products and needs of medical business» which will be held in Kiev on 20 October as a part of INTERNATIONAL FORUM HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT.

The conference explores topics on innovations and trends in the digital world, well-known speakers will talk about IT solutions in healthcare system.

Alex Nikitenko will speak about «IT-SOLUTIONS guarding the lives of our children». In his report he will present Remote Monitoring System which will be used for 24/7 monitoring and automatically transmit electrocardiograms (ECG), heart rate, medication use, pulseoxymetry and optionally blood pressure.

We are honored to have a chance to share our vision of the future of medicine alongside with famed companies at IT MED conference.