Open-Source DevOps Security Tools that are Used by DevSecOps Experts

By: Segiy Sergienko, 29 Sep 2020
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To provide a quality level of Dev Ops security, specialists in the field employ special dedicated DevSecOps tools – different sets for different purposes.

All-around automation for Azure DevOps security scanning and other aspects

For automation, specialized engineers usually employ the following DevOps security monitoring and automation tools:

These pieces of software enable efficient automated security testing, which can be conducted for both individual modules of the software being developed and for the entire system.

Open-source practice

Common DevSecOps practices insist on exclusively implementing open-source security solutions. Typically, developers use the following solutions to verify the open-source nature of software:

Work on critical errors and vulnerabilities

Large systems can sometimes contain thousands of vulnerabilities. And eliminating them all takes a lot of time. The task of a good DevSecOps specialist is to identify the most critical among them and deal with them as a priority.

This helps to reduce the time required for releasing a product complete with reinforced security.

Cautionary measures

Of course, you will have to take preventive measures from time to time to scan for possible threats because hackers around the world find more and more vulnerabilities in public software every day. The following tools may come in handy:

  • OWASP Threat Dragon
  • Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool


DevOps security implies the full transformation of an existing security infrastructure.

You will probably have to deal with big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other trending technology concepts. In addition, you cannot be 100% sure that all these solutions can be implemented in the set of tools and technologies previously adopted in your company. Therefore, specialists usually have to build a secure DevOps lifecycle from scratch, which, however, will have a very positive effect on the level of system reliability in the future. (Read more: The Uniqueness & Usefulness of DevSecOps for Your Business)


The implementation of Dev Sec Ops requires a thorough approach to all stages of the software life cycle. Therefore, it is very important to find really good specialists who can build truly high-quality standards for you. We specialize in deploying defense mechanisms within software systems and can develop a DevOps security roadmap for you.

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