Sirin Software Leads Industry in Software and IoT Development

By: Segiy Sergienko, 1 Aug 2019
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With so many software developers working in the world today, what makes Sirin Software stand out among the thousands? Well, we have a combination of long-term experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and excellent project management skills.

We also have a unique business model — we are divided into several business divisions that work together thanks to our cross-functional teams. Each team is carefully trained in their discipline and in collaborating with one another. Whether it be working with each other or with clients, we are experts in communicating!

But we can do more than software development; we work in IoT development, IT consulting, staff augmentation, and application testing!

To show their satisfaction, our clients have recently left us reviews on Clutch, a ratings and review site. Our clients have given us an excellent 4.8-star rating and helped us become one of the leading software developers in Ukraine!

One of our most recent clients was a sports retailer, who we provided with mobile app development for warehouse workflow automation. Features of the automaton system included a barcode-scanning device and functions for processing data and inventory.

The CIO said that they were impressed with our expertise and tech capabilities!

“I highly recommend them as a trusted software partner.”– CIO, sports retailer


We also worked with a blockchain advisory and holding firm to help with VPN connection setup. We created a gateway to support VPN connection between various businesses. We also created an app for VPN adjustment.

“Sirin’s developers became a real part of our team, and they cared about the result like our own employees.”– VP Investor Relations, Blockchain Advisory & Holding Firm

These are just two of our amazing clients; we are excited to be working with more in the future!

We have also been honored with a feature on The Manifest, a business news and tips site, which has ranked us among the top IoT companies in the world!

You can also find us on Visual Objects, a portfolio-sharing platform that has listed us under top development companies.

We want to thank our clients once again who have been such an integral part of our success.

Contact us to learn more about our!

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