Sirin Software was Ranked by Designrush as a Top Development Company

By: Segiy Sergienko, 5 May 2019
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We don’t treat our clients as a mere source of income for our company – we care deeply about the product and the clients’ success. Incorporated in our values and everyday business processes, this philosophy is what allowed us to get where we are now – in combination with the top-notch expertise in Embedded, Linux, IoT, PCB design, etc., of course.

In 2014, our company was founded by just two people with a vision. Three years after, we had 70 people in our team and two offices – all thanks to being a reliable partner for our clients and our outstanding expertise. And today, we are among the top-25 development and consulting companies, as ranked by DesignRush, a marketplace dedicated to helping brands find the agencies for B2B services. Here you can find the best software developers  and learn how to find app developer or  other contractors for your project. Our company profile can see on DesignRush.

We are convinced that it is our values that helped us achieve this. They guide us to work not for the client but with the client. Our relationship with the client, as well as the client’s attitude toward the product, are crucial to us.

Let us open up a bit and give you a real-life example. Our team is working with one client that needs us to design circuit boards for a radio system. These circuit board designs are sent to Taiwan to be printed there. And every time the client needs us to make changes to the designs, our developers do this as soon as possible, in under two weeks – even though the terms stated in our agreement give us more time to do that. But we are just worried about the client and the product, so we hurry up if needed.

We believe that this is not the last time the quality of our services has been acknowledged by independent rankings. In the meantime, we keep conquering new heights and helping our clients make the world a better place.

We always welcome new opportunities for cooperation. So, make sure to check out our testimonials, and let us help you achieve your business goals.

By the way, DesignRush is launching a new software ranking site called

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