Jun 12.2019

Sirin Software Has Been Honored by Techreviewer as One of the Top IoT Devs in 2019

Some heartwarming news for us in the company and for everybody supporting us – Sirin Software has been included in the Techreviewer’s list of Top 30 IoT Development Companies in 2019.

This is a very pleasing inclusion in the list by the global IT’s reputable source and useful info analytics hub. Such honors confirm and help us understand that we move in a proper direction – the direction of achieving excellence at services we provide and of never stopping in our efforts to become better.

For years, Sirin Software has been providing all-around IT services for businesses of all scales with your growth, profits, security, and ultimate success in mind.

Thanks a lot, Techreviewer  for acknowledging our advances and, most of all, huge thanks to all our users, customers, and partners.

Stay in tune with Sirin Software!

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