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We are organized into several Business Divisions that are fully interconnected thanks to our cross-functional teams. Whether collaboration is internal between teams or external to clients, we deliver expertise and commitment.
R&D center
IT staff augmentation
R&D center
Firmware / Software / Hardware design
Our team provides the full cycle of complex solutions. Our engineers can create any custom system solution tailored to fit your project’s requirements.
System architecture design
Our architects hold the vision of the whole system (language, frameworks, and technologies) and interpret it into tasks for the development team.
Maintenance, bug fixing and QA
Perfect quality is our primary goal. That’s why our team of testers is extremely serious about searching for any defects and errors.
Mobile/Web development
Our developers & designers build cutting-edge apps that scale and provide a fully functional native experience across all platforms and devices.
IT staff augmentation
Recruitment & Team Scaling
Our recruiters will find the best developers in Ukraine, check their soft skills, English level and technical experience to fit your project needs.
Detection of Motivation
Our HR department determines staff needs and develops a set of motivational activities, events and programs to prevent their burnout.
Managing Replacements
Our working process never stops – if someone leaves the project, our recruiters find replacement immediately for preventing project’s delay.
Equiping Staff with all Resources
Everyone in our team is equipped with all necessary resourses which their activity requires. If there’s specific need appear – we buy additional equipment.

benefits for customer

In Sirin Software we not only want to help your business grow but also want to see your business continue to grow. That is why we provide our clients with the best IT services, easy work process, clear contracts and additional features which are necessary for creating a long-term partnership.
Our team mostly consists of middle and senior developers, each with over eight years of experience.
We stay in touch with customers and use best practice such as Agile PM, scrum meetings, Jira workflows, Slack chats etc.
We sign an NDA with everyone working on your project. The IP rights of everything we do belong to the customer.


The combination of long-term experience, a team of highly-qualified professionals, continuous skill development, and strict attention to detail allows us to provide our clients with the complex contemporary solutions that their businesses require.

our Clients

Our main goal is to act not so much as a contractor but rather as a trusted partner that makes the software R&D process easier and more cost-effective, and that speeds up the development of new products together with our clients. We succeed when our customers achieve success.

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