Turnkey Development: What It Is and the Main Reasons to Use It

By: Segiy Sergienko, 2 Sep 2021
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Turnkey development is a range of actions that end with the client of a web design studio receiving a web project ready for operation. Effective turnkey web development requires a highly qualified team. 

The turnkey developer works on the website structure, market analysis, statistics, design development, programming, optimization, and testing. After the work is done, the client gets a login and password for the website. The resource is ready to be used. This embodies the efficiency and thoroughness of turnkey software development

What Does the Concept of Turnkey Web Development Include?

Turnkey development means that the customer will receive a full set of services for a website ready for operation. You just need to contact a professional company such as Sirin Software. It will help you to save time and obtain guaranteed results – a website fully corresponding to all your requirements.

The procedure for ordering the development of a turnkey website is as follows:

  1. contact between client and customer;
  2. issuance of technical tasks;
  3. creation of an original design;
  4. choice of hosting;
  5. optimization and filling the website with content.

Top 3 Advantages of Developing a Turnkey Website

The advantages of the turnkey delivery process service are more than obvious. The client receives full service without having to invest time and effort of an in-house team. 

Now, we’ll look at the main benefits of turkey development.


You only need to submit an application, discuss the technical requirements with our turnkey developer, and sign a contract. Our specialists will take upon themselves all the necessary preparatory work related to analyzing the market and competitors, and draw up the structure of the future site. 


Turnkey web development is beneficial for the client since the website is developed taking into account their wishes as much as possible. 


The resource will be only one of its kind and you will not find anything similar. This is the possibility to stand out among competitors.

Specifics of Creating a Turnkey eCommerce Website

Turnkey web development has nuances dictated by the specifics of the web resource. An eCommerce website should motivate the client not only to read the information but to make a purchase. Ideally, the client needs to become a regular customer.

The specifics of developing turnkey online stores include: 

  • personal account functionality;
  • integration of payment systems;
  • expanded analytics for eCommerce;
  • optimization of filters and sorting of products.

Before starting the development, it is important to discuss all these details. Thus, all the required functions will be available right from the start without additional modifications.

The volume of the e-commerce market continues to increase. So, by ordering turnkey delivery now, you get a chance to ride the wave of the rapid development of e-commerce.


Professional turnkey developer services are costly. This is related to a large stack of specialists who are involved in this work, the amount of detail, and the monitoring it requires. But this is the only way to build a successful multi-year online business. 

Interested in a turnkey site with a unique design at an affordable price? The well-coordinated team of Sirin Software, having carried out over a dozen turnkey delivery projects, will be able to bring your business idea to life. Order turnkey development services right now and become the owner of a modern and profitable website! 

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