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Kyiv, Ukraine

Delivery office:
Yaroslavskaya St. 56a,
04071 Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 044 592 50 87 [email protected]

Sanford, Florida

Mailing address:
401 E 1st Street #1868 – 0060
Sanford, FL, 32772
321 328 8379 [email protected]

About us

IT Outsourcing & Dedicated teams


To make Ukraine the global market leader in IT Outsourcing


We help our customers make the world a better place with software solutions


Together with our clients we create life-changing software solutions. Сonfigurable, scalable, and easy to deploy.

Business Divisions

Linux, Embedded and IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is already starting to have a big impact on the way we live. With this market opportunity come challenges. We are here to help you solve those challenges and realize the full potential of the IoT revolution.

Web Development

We are pros in building high traffic web architecture. We combine stellar architecture with the best in web design, web development, and information security.

Mobile App Development

Our developers & designers build cutting edge apps that scale and provide a fully functional native experience across all platforms and devices.

Dedicated teams

We take full responsibility for recruiting, skill testing, psychological testing, and team design so your team is ready on day one.

it development

Your current focus

Main business It processes Other processes (accounting,
logistics, etc)

Your focus with sirin software

Main business Other processes (accounting,
logistics, etc)

Dedicated teams

Improves financial performance
Reduces load on Infrastructure, HR, and Accounting
Reduce risks & delegate responsibility
Improve investment attractiveness
Reduces staff

Pricing models

  • Project type
  • Project size
  • Flexibility
  • Clients control
  • Requirements
  • Scope and cost changes
  • Project management
  • Fixed Price
    Fixed Price
  • small & medium
  • -
  • little
  • defined
  • defined
  • Waterfall
  • Project type
  • Project size
  • Flexibility
  • Clients control
  • Requirements
  • Scope and cost changes
  • Project management
  • Dedicated team
    Dedicated team
  • medium & large
  • +
  • full
  • evolving
  • May vary
  • Agile

Our Story

SirinSoftware was founded in 2014 by Alexander Nikitenko (CEO).
Since then a large number of software and systems integration projects have been completed, particularly highly customized and optimized embedded Linux systems enabling secure authentication and encryption of data transmission. Over the last several years, the focus has been on embedded software development. Digitalization is a big driving force in business and society, which has brought new software development challenges to Sirin. Starting from our roots in embedded Linux software development, the business gradually moved into some other adjacent areas like web UI/ UX design. The macro trends of smart devices, big data, and the continuing convergence of virtual and physical worlds has sparkled our interest in web and mobile development as well. In 2016, SirinSoftware started to explore new areas to reinforce our market positions and merged with Lampa Studio, a firm specialized in web and mobile development. This acquisition brought a significant competitive advantage followed by a subsequent rethinking of positioning and communication strategy. SirinSoftware has today become the solutions provider that helps optimize client business workflows by outsourcing taking on crucial components of their businesses while delivering efficient and highly reliable problem solving.

100% of Sirin Software's specialists speak English, which allows us to work with clients all over the world.

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