Sirin Software: A Top Leader in European Programming Services for 2024

By: Lela Terashvili, 4 Jan 2024
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Sirin Software is immensely proud to announce our recognition as one of the top 10% of companies in Europe for programming services for 2024, selected by Aciety from a competitive pool of over 2000 companies. This distinction is a resounding affirmation of our commitment to excellence. At Sirin Software, we channel our utmost dedication into our clients’ projects, striving to maintain our position as a market leader. This accolade serves as a compelling testament to the visibility and impact of our dedicated efforts, extending beyond our client base and resonating throughout the industry.

If you are interested in exploring our expertise, we encourage you to visit our services page and select the most suitable option for your project. Additionally, we invite you to delve into our recent success stories, such as the Controlled Air Supply System for Smart Home Heating and Conditioning. In this project, we innovated a smart device capable of providing individual temperature control for different rooms or houses. This advanced system is designed to seamlessly integrate with and enhance the efficiency of existing systems in older homes.

Another highlight of our achievements is detailed in the case study HMI Implementation for a 3D Scanner. This study outlines our work in developing and implementing a sophisticated Graphical User Interface for a 3D scanner renowned for its exceptional accuracy in defect detection.

We are leading the way in technological innovation, positioning ourselves as one of the initial adopters of Microsoft’s Defender for IoT. This proactive approach not only keeps us ahead in the tech race but also ensures we provide top-notch security solutions to our clients. In addition to this technological stride, we have recently been honored as a Clutch Award Global Winner. This prestigious accolade from Clutch, a highly esteemed B2B service provider, is a testament to our unwavering commitment and outstanding performance in meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs.

Get in touch with our award-winning team of professionals at Sirin Software, equipped to expertly assist with your project. Let’s make your vision a reality – contact us now!

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