Automotive Software Development: The Main Trends

By: Segiy Sergienko, 22 Feb 2021
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A decade ago, automotive software development accounted for only 20% of a car’s cost price, and it didn’t differ much from model to model. Now, 80% of all innovation and competitive advantage comes not from machinery, but a combination of software, electronics, and electrical systems.

The automotive engineering sector is going through many digital transformations towards smart cars and software development. Programs are being more and more widely included in our lives, as they are built into the products that we constantly use. The amount of software code in a modern car is a hundred times larger than the amount of onboard software in an F22 fighter. Moreover, this figure continues to grow with new features appearing in connected cars, and a shift towards self-driving, hybrid and electric vehicles.

In this article, we will tell you about automotive software engineering, the main market trends, new technologies, and virtual automotive testing and development services.


Any software development aims to create a new function or improve an existing one. These features provide added value and convenience for the driver, passengers, automotive mechanical engineers, carriers, and even other automotive performance programmers. They help you meet legal requirements, simplify maintenance, or improve the design and manufacturing efficiency.

The technical implementation can be mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, or electronic. Several of these technologies are often combined. Electronics play a key role in the implementation of many innovative automotive solutions. Through the use of electrical, electronics, and software — the logical core of the systems — the “smart” functions of the drive, chassis, and the rest of the vehicle are economically realized.

The management and control of almost all functions in cars of all classes today is carried out by electronics. Technological progress and the development of electronics allow many new, more powerful functions and automotive solutions to be implemented through the use of the software.


The automotive software development process goes from the first idea to the final automotive prototype. Software development has become a critical element in product development. Therefore, it must be closely integrated with all other processes of design and technological preparation of production. This is not an easy task. Software development is progressing faster and faster, using highly efficient iterative techniques. They are difficult to synchronize with mechanical design, which usually takes much longer.

Today, we are following the development of the automotive and transport industry with interest and excitement. New technologies, automotive product development, and business models such as 5G, augmented and virtual reality, and much more could open up unprecedented opportunities. There are such popular trends as:

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality is a technology where digital images are superimposed on an image of the real world, and it seems that the object is really in front of the user. Users can interact with such objects, for example by moving their phone or tablet.

Virtual reality is one of the innovative automotive solutions that goes even further and recreates a completely artificial environment.

Some time ago, these technologies were used only by the best Formula 1 teams. Now they are available to ordinary car owners as part of automotive product development. Today, before buying a car, you can get behind the wheel without leaving your home and study the model of interest in great detail.

The virtual reality technology has enormous potential in educating future drivers, allowing them to recreate realistic road situations. With the help of this technology, virtual automotive testing and development services will become available. People will be able to simulate a general perception of danger or specific scenarios, for example, to practice emergency driving skills or test reaction speed.

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3D and 4D printing and automotive engineering

3D printing technologies are changing our understanding of the organization of the production process and bringing us closer to the concept of Just-in-Time. They allow us to manufacture auto parts or build components for automotive engineering in-house, and then deliver them to the installation site when they are needed.

It is possible that soon, spare parts for your car will be downloaded and printed. The detail will appear right in front of your eyes without additional shipping costs.

According to many automotive mechanical engineers, 4D printing technology is actively developing. It means that the finished object can change its properties under the influence of light, heat, and water. This technology is just at the beginning of its journey, so it is difficult to predict its full potential yet.

Automotive mechanical engineering remains the main area of ​​knowledge that allows you to create a variety of mechanisms, while the fundamentals of physics are still in force. In the coming years, 3D printing will be able to shift the very essence of manufacturing from mechanical engineering to direct software development.

5G technologies

5G is the next generation of mobile technologies with super-fast and stable internet. Besides, it is going to be one of the best automotive solutions in the next ten years. These networks will soon become a catalyst for innovation and the development of the Internet of Things. The technology will help drive the proliferation of autonomous vehicles and enable seamless communication between vehicles so that they can make instant decisions and improve road safety.


Today’s automotive product development is changing through a scientific and technological revolution in software development, as digital technology and the capabilities of consumer electronics are used increasingly more often. The time is approaching when cars will become part of the Internet of Things and will connect to mobile devices. And at the same time, the role of free software in solving practical problems will grow.

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