Dedicated Development Team: Advantages of Cooperation

By: Segiy Sergienko, 11 Dec 2020
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Cloud solutions are widely used to build networks of remote servers, store, manage, and process big data. Clouds are generating billions of dollars in profits right now, the market continues to grow. However, the effective development of any IT project relies directly on the performance of a dedicated IT team. How it is best formed and to solve which tasks – let’s talk about this.

Some Statistics

According to Clouds, spending on IT services exceeded $1 trillion in 2020. Moreover, the market is projected to grow by another 4.1% in 2021. Revenue for public cloud service providers will go over the $250 billion mark and revenues from SaaS and its associated PaaS segment are expected to reach $170 billion.

Outsourcing or offshoring in software development are critical business strategies in the multibillion-dollar market. More precisely, to hire dedicated programmers is an uncontested option for many companies that don’t have professional in-house teams.

Dedicated specialists’ work helps speed up and improve the development of a software product, obtain the necessary technical expertise, and optimize costs. In terms of cooperation, a lot is determined by the model of interaction with the contractor providing R&D Center Services. It should be defined based on the project scale, characteristics, goals, and financial capabilities.

Working with a Dedicated Development Team in a Nutshell

The main gist here, as evident from the term itself, is professional dedication. For software product development or R&D Center Services, a team of experts is carefully selected to fully focus on the client’s project.

A dedicated development team is formed based on the goals, wishes, and requirements of the client. This model is excellent for the development of large-scale, long-term software projects, the conditions of which often change, as the project is managed by appointed experts.

The dedicated model provides flexibility in terms of work scope, cost and resource management. Flexibility also applies to the development team itself. If necessary, the client can increase or decrease the number of team members involved.

To work effectively together, the client and the software vendor must agree on project requirements and overall workload. In the list of requirements, the parties indicate the required amount of time to implement the project.

Usually, the client is in charge of the development process, but he/she makes decisions in constant contact with the technical team. Basically, a dedicated IT team is rented out for a monthly fee that includes the salary of the team members and the vendor fee.

Despite the fact that the hired specialists devote 100% of their working time to the project, there are two nuances. A dedicated team can be a separate group with a full complement of required staff: designers, project managers, quality assurance engineers, developers, management personnel, and other specialists. Or the customer can hire dedicated programmers separately to strengthen the existing in-house team or tackle a certain project cycle patch.

What Dedicated Software Teams Can Help You with

The real professionals are able to offer the development of cloud solutions provided as services, such as:

  • IaaS – infrastructure providing computing, networking, and data storage;
  • PaaS – the platform on which applications can run, as well as all the IT infrastructure;
  • SaaS – software that provides a fully functional application, as well as the platform on which it runs and the underlying infrastructure of the platform;
  • FaaS – an event management model that allows you to create, run, and manage application packages as functions without maintaining infrastructure

All that users need to access cloud services is a device with an operating system and network connection. Cloud solutions empower enterprises by making services highly-available and helping achieve a seamless network experience. The client takes advantage of 24/7 backup and recovery capabilities on devices with a single account. The service complies with SOC2, HIPPA standards.

Cloud environments can be managed from anywhere in the world with access from any device connected to the Internet, regardless of OS. Hybrid cloud solutions that combine private and public clouds provide businesses with even greater flexibility, scalability, control, and critical data leak prevention.

Reasons for Dedicated Software Teams Popularity

The benefits that an offshore dedicated team provides are pretty obvious:

  • High efficiency. The contractors are well acquainted with the project, understand its goals, and are motivated to achieve a high-quality result from the get-go.
  • Profitability. The client doesn’t buy, but hires people and pays for services at an hourly rate.
  • Large and complex projects get a high level of professionalism and experience by default.
  • Access to IT expertise compensates for the lack of in-house specialists to implement a unique business idea.
  • Flexibility in planning and management. At any stage of the project, the client can make changes – add or change functions, redistribute tasks between workers.
  • Scalability. If necessary, the client can add or fire team members.
  • Transparent pricing. The final cost of the project is formed based on the tasks set and the time required to complete them.

A dedicated IT team is cost-effective in the long term since it allows you to optimize costs and eliminate many risks of getting a faulty product. On top of that, with the right choice of contractors, you get a 100% high-quality solution that meets your requirements to the maximum.

Bottom Line

Picking dedicated software teams is not easy, but professionals always do better with complex projects. Work experience, participation in the creation of unique products, and commitment to the delivery of software products before the deadline are necessary to assess.

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