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Sirin Software is here to be your trusty guide in launching, optimizing, or finishing up your projects based on the top modern tech. Mainly, we do nearshore hardware/software development with a focus on embedded systems and IoT solutions, as well as IT staff augmentation. We’re at your service if you are looking for the highest quality at a negotiable price.

Software development

We will gladly help you polish up your ongoing project at any phase or initiate full-cycle development from scratch. IoT solutions, mobile/web/proprietary software, Linux-based systems, and more - you name it, we handle it with the top-notch expertise. We also have all the skills to deliver an exclusive, fully custom project based on your strict requirements. 

Hardware development

Got a real estate project that requires advanced inner communication, security, or heat/air/movement/etc. indication system etc? We specialize in embedded solutions of various kinds, including centralized radio systems, and interconnected IoT devices with tracking software. We can even implement a completely custom hardware solution for you.

Mechanical engineering

We design, build, develop, test, and optimize advanced IT mechanics to help you push your business forward in the industry of ever-growing fierce competition. Namely, we can help accelerate the performance of your existing hardware, mend evasive security flaws, optimize rough patches, and build completely new systems for full support of the project in hand. 

Firmware development

In case you already have well-functioning hardware powers, we can supply them with the proper software. We are the right specialists if you need an intuitive management interface, an insightful tracking system, custom analytical software, or firmware of most any other purpose. We’ll get a system of any complexity and format up and running in no time.

Cloud Solutions

You can’t go anywhere in the modern IT industry if you don’t tackle the cloud. This is a modern, safe, cost-efficient way to store, share, and process data that will help improve your business and gain a great selling point. To free you from proprietary memory boundaries and boost performance overall, we deliver cloud storage solutions, interfaces, and processing systems.

Turn-key product development

We offer a whole lot of options to develop a project from scratch - design and development of your IT product. A huge team of ace developers is waiting to take on what you have in mind. 

IoT Development

Do you already have a prototype for your future project? Alternatively, maybe you are still at the stage of thinking over a promising IoT application and need aid with prototyping? One way or another, if you are interested in implementing your business idea, please contact our consultants.

Dedicated Team

We can conclude that working with a dedicated team has many advantages. The absence of the need to expand the staff for specific tasks, the ability to fully control the project implementation without throwing all the in-house resources into it, and much more. This solution is perfect for companies that face IT market challenges and don’t have a dedicated department to handle them. Or, you may simply need some extra employees for a relatively short time.

case studies

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We will get in touch with you within 24 business hours
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Do you have a pilot period for new customers?

We encourage clients to start with smaller assessments - ones that can be completed within 1-3 month - before establishing longer-term relationships. This helps allow for the establishment of trustful relationships. If the client prefers the Team Augmentation model - we can offer a free replacement candidate in the event that he or she does not satisfy the client during the first 1-3 months.

Can you come on-site?

Yes, if it's required. Our engineers can visit the client, the PCB manufacturer, the place where the project implementation occurs, etc. In these cases, travel expenses are covered by the client.

Do you hire subcontractors?

We don’t use subcontractors for our software development/testing work. However, we have subcontractors for other services
that the client may require, such as industrial design, certain types of hardware development, or L1/L2 technical support.

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