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Sirin Software is here to be your trusty guide in launching, optimizing, or finishing up your projects based on the top modern tech. Mainly, we do nearshore hardware/software development with a focus on embedded systems and IoT solutions, as well as IT staff augmentation. We’re at your service if you are looking for the highest quality at a negotiable price.

IoT Development

IoT solutions help centralize production powers and keep the devices you may be using in the manufacture, retail, agriculture, etc. in check and regularly monitored. Industrial Internet of Things brings invaluable analyses and lets you optimize business top-to-bottom.


We provide profiled consultations and create complex embedded systems from scratch. Our expertise and experience in this intricate area of development will come in more than handy if you have a startup or business that requires a joint hardware/software product.

Hardware development

We design hardware and provide hardware development assets to help you distribute solutions in-depth optimized and adapted to specific user devices. Our hardware development engineers take up projects start-to-finish - from planning to stress testing.

Firmware development

Got a hardware system or device that needs an intuitive interface and sturdy backend to be easily managed by users? We have experienced firmware engineers that will launch a firmware development project tailored specifically to your hardware.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud business solutions offer a new, advanced level of performance and security for storage systems, databases, and hostings. We implement cloud services that will help you keep your business assets protected while staying failproof and up-to-date.

Mechanical engineering

Our mechanical engineering specialists help optimize and improve even the most sophisticated technologies and devices you are using in production or work management, analyzing, modernizing, and testing various sorts of mechanisms at hand.

Software development

We will gladly help you polish up your ongoing project at any phase or initiate full-cycle development from scratch. IoT solutions, mobile/web/proprietary software, Linux-based systems, and more - you name it, we handle it with the top-notch expertise. We also have all the skills to deliver an exclusive, fully custom project based on your strict requirements. 


We offer custom web development services to build solutions of any market-relevant type, be it a full-on niche system, an application for a wide target audience, embedded corporate software, or a coding tool for another software engineering company.

Mobile app development

With an individually tailored, long-term goal approach, we excel at mobile app development of any scope and purpose. We create exclusive flat-design solutions in terms of iOS development and accessible, smooth lightweight Android development products.

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Electrical & Electronic ManufacturingA Web App for a Wireless Technology ProviderLearn more


We will get in touch with you within 24 business hours
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Do you have a pilot period for new customers?

We encourage clients to start with smaller assessments - ones that can be completed within 1-3 month - before establishing longer-term relationships. This helps allow for the establishment of trustful relationships. If the client prefers the Team Augmentation model - we can offer a free replacement candidate in the event that he or she does not satisfy the client during the first 1-3 months.

Can you come on-site?

Yes, if it's required. Our engineers can visit the client, the PCB manufacturer, the place where the project implementation occurs, etc. In these cases, travel expenses are covered by the client.

Do you hire subcontractors?

We don’t use subcontractors for our software development/testing work. However, we have subcontractors for other services
that the client may require, such as industrial design, certain types of hardware development, or L1/L2 technical support.

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