Internet of Things Project: a synergy of virtual and physical system

By: Segiy Sergienko, 16 Nov 2020
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An average Internet of Things Project is no longer a futuristic concept of a computing network of physical objects with interactive technologies. It increasingly finds its embodiment in the form of an enterprise IoT and seriously affects our society’s development.

A review from Transforma Insights и Internet of Business shows that nearly 80% of business enterprises are transforming into IoT companies. Nowadays, almost 55% of industrial enterprises prioritize IoT development. The remaining 45% are IT or cloud-focused that mainly concentrate on data management. The majority of these industries are using IoT to improve customer service, and more than 40% of them see it as a way to reduce their expenses. 

It is clear that IoT industries will continue to evolve further. The data from Ericsson Mobility Report indicates that by 2025, the number of devices connected to the IoT will exceed 24.6 billion, and more than 5 billion of them will be mobile. Thus, IoT solutions will firmly integrate themselves into our daily life in the future. 

Why Does Your Business Need IoT solutions?

This concept of enterprise IoT has a huge potential since it is relatively new to the market. Its integration into business is rapidly spreading due to the recent global implementation of 5G networks. 

IoT companies are well known for their proactive customer service, engaging advertisements, and specifically targeted marketing campaigns.

Giving access to big data on personal smart devices is an excellent opportunity to make a profit.  Therefore, many IoT solution providers in Western Europe offer a wide range of dedicated services to ensure the successful introduction of this technology into your business. By doing so, your company will be able to understand your target audience better, develop more effective marketing strategies, and increase your sales at the same time.

IoT companies can improve the productivity of their work through automation. The Internet of Things will define all jobs that do not require human intervention and help you to automate their execution. 

IoT in b2c and b2b

IoT solutions can be used in both consumer and industrial segments. In B2C oriented businesses, they will be beneficial for the development, promotion, and sale of:

  • mobile devices;
  • housing; 
  • clothes; 
  • TV services, etc.


Alternatively, you can use industrial IoT solutions for transportation, insurance telematics, and many other purposes.

The Development Process of IoT

IoT is a stack of technologies that operates with various sensors and many interaction protocols. For a successful Internet Of Things prototype development, you need to have an ecosystem with many sensor-equipped devices, a stable network for accessing and transferring data, and several control platforms. 

Software and cloud integration

IoT industries offer many different mobile and web applications for the products’ functionality management in real-time. 


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