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Dedicated Team

In order to create high-quality software or provide top-notch online services, it is necessary to hire qualified specialists in several fields at once. As a rule, programmers, testers, designers, copywriters, and marketing specialists are directly involved in the development process of any other project.

Sometimes, a company hires specialists on the staff. Sometimes, it looks for remote employees. But hiring a whole development team right away instead of looking for employees individually can save a huge amount of time and effort. The dedicated team gathering service is often used both in Ukraine and around the world.

What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team of specialists works on a project with full-on focus and according to the specific tasks set by the client. At that, the management center establishes control over the workflow, hires or fires individual employees, and regulates workload while the team is busy developing a project.

The client can conveniently track the KPI of each specific employee and make all the necessary workflow adjustments. The provider company also takes care of all the conditions for the team’s work: communication, office, and other aspects of the workflow organization.

If the client company chooses to work with a dedicated team, then it gets a prepared staff of specialists who are selected based on the specifics of the particular product development and can complete the work in the most agile manner.

When is it Best to Hire a Dedicated Team?

Companies increasingly prefer to hire additional workers instead of expanding the existing staff. As a rule, such a decision is made when:

  • Long-term business relationships with the service provider are planned to be established;
  • A project has dynamically-changing requirements;
  • Fast augmentation of the team is the most optimal way to go around the specific project;
  • There is no time or resources for honing the skills of the existing employees;
  • You need to lower software development expenses;
  • You are looking to expand your existing staff according to the specific project requirements;
  • The company doesn’t have in-house programmers yet there is a need to develop a piece of software or firmware for electronic devices;
  • There is a need to manage several large projects in sync.

Benefits of a Dedicated Team

Experts believe that a dedicated team is always more involved in the project than a temporarily outsourced team. As a rule, such specialists better understand the special processes that take place within the client’s organization and focus on achieving a specific result.

All in all, here’s what you get hiring a dedicated team:

  • Developers are 100% focused on the project flow;
  • You can personally manage the team performance in and out;
  • A better understanding of particular business goals and tasks by tech specialists;
  • A wholesome team spirit where passionate experts join powers for the sake of greater goals;
  • Complex approach to completing tasks.

What Clients Prefer Dedicated Teams?

Today, interest in dedicated teams continues to grow worldwide. Companies are seeing more and more benefits in hiring optimized selections of employees. This way, they can quickly respond to changing business conditions and still offer high-quality software.

We can say that DTM is a more person-centered work model. When hiring a dedicated team, the client is usually interested in getting motivated employees excited about getting the job done well. They will do everything to ensure that the final product is perfect. The client wants to see people who understand the primary goals and needs among the employees. 

Typically, a dedicated team is recruited for a long-term project. It happens that such teams can work on a single project for up to 10 years.

How to Organize Dedicated Teams Performance?

There are several options for selecting a dedicated team in the first place. Some companies rely on specialized recruiting consultants. Others use the in-house staff of specialists to organize personal interviews and go through all resumes. It usually takes one to four weeks to form a team.

If you need to recruit a team of 10 or more people, then, as a rule, it is better to first involve 3-4 engineers, and then, as the project continues to develop, increase the number of employees. This solution can be much more effective than using a large number of employees at once.

There are also cases when a client wants to first look at an employee directly at work and then decide whether he/she is suitable or not. In this case, test trials are organized taking up several days or a week and the potential employee either continues to cooperate with the team on an ongoing basis or you look for other specialists.

Usual Dedicated Team Members

Depending on how complex the project to be completed is, the composition of the team can vary significantly. Anyway, the number of employees can be scaled depending on the client’s desires, the volume of tasks, and deadlines.

Most commonly, the following specialists build a strong dedicated team:

  • Project Manager;
  • Team Lead;
  • Backend specialist;
  • Frontend specialist;
  • Mobile Programmer;
  • Marketing expert;
  • Copywriter;
  • Design specialist;
  • System Administrator.

We can conclude that working with a dedicated team has many advantages. The absence of the need to expand the staff for specific tasks, the ability to fully control the project implementation without throwing all the in-house resources into it, and much more. This solution is perfect for companies that face IT market challenges and don’t have a dedicated department to handle them. Or, you may simply need some extra employees for a relatively short time. To make sure of our capabilities, just contact us, and we will answer all your questions in detail.    

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