Sirin Software Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for Spring 2024

By: Lela Terashvili, 17 Jun 2024
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Florida-based with a Ukrainian R&D center, 2014 — Sirin Software is an IT company that serves as a trusted partner for tech companies worldwide. Today they announced its recognition as a 2024 Spring Global Award winner for IoT services on Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers. Honorees are selected based on their industry expertise and ability to deliver scores that are calculated based on the client feedback from thousands of reviews published on Clutch. 

Sirin Software is honored to be recognized as a 2024 Spring Clutch Global Award winner. This award is a testament to the excellent client work we have delivered this year as recognized through the voice of our customers in their reviews on Clutch. We’re proud to be recognized as an IoT leader on a global scale. Clutch Global Awards showcases the very best in the B2B services industry worldwide.

“We are delighted to be recognized as a Clutch Global Leader, solidifying our position as a global industry leader. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team.” – Alex Nikitenko, CEO of Sirin Software. 

“It is a joy to witness the incredible success of leading companies worldwide on our platform, and an even greater joy to recognize these companies as Clutch Global honorees,” said Sonny Ganguly, Clutch CEO. “Their dedication to delivering next-level services to clients has not only bolstered their own success but empowered numerous clients to thrive as well. In recognizing this spring’s Clutch Global honorees, we aim to showcase industry leaders and encourage connections for Clutch users seeking tailored services to achieve their goals.” 

We are excited to share our case study on Firmware and Mobile App for Extreme Sport Watercraft. Our team created the firmware from scratch, enabling the wakeboard to be configured via a mobile app with three power levels (Eco, Sport, Awake) and three throttle modes (Easy, Normal, Aggressive). We also developed the mobile app functionality based on the provided design, allowing it to connect with the wakeboard via Bluetooth SMART 4.1. This connection facilitates operational control, data acquisition, and storage, making it a great IoT product that enhances the overall user experience. Discover more about our groundbreaking work and the services we offer.

Additionally, our experienced team developed a device fleet management solution tailored to our client’s specific needs. Discover how we revolutionized fleet management with cloud-based AWS IoT integration by reading the full case study here: Revolutionizing Fleet Management with Cloud-Based AWS IoT Integration.

View our recent work and reviews on our Clutch profile.

About Our Company

Sirin Software, is a Florida-based IT company with an R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2014 the company acts as a trusted partner for tech companies all over the world (mostly from the USA and EU). The company provides various solutions, including wearable solutions, smart home solution development services, air monitoring systems and solutions, robotic development solutions, water level monitoring solutions, asset monitoring solutions, industrial automation solutions, machine monitoring solutions, energy monitoring solutions, wireless solutions, and parking solutions. Sirin Software makes the software R&D process easier, and more cost-effective, and accelerates the development of new products together with clients.

About Clutch

Clutch empowers better business decisions as the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers. More than 1 million business leaders start at Clutch each month to read in-depth client interviews and discover trusted agency partners to meet their business needs. Clutch has been honored for the past 6 consecutive years as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company and by the Washington Business Journal as one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the DC metro area for 2023. 

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