Technologies That Are Shaping Embedded Development in 2023

By: Lela Terashvili, 16 Aug 2023
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Where in Everyday Life Can I Discover an Embedded System?

Embedded systems are essential for various intelligent products, devices, and operations. Consider, for example, machine learning applications. As applications for embedded systems are incorporated into all industries, embedded software development is gaining momentum. To meet this growing demand, our embedded software development services offer specialized expertise and tailored solutions for a wide range of industry applications.
It is known that embedded software development plays a crucial role in the performance of medical devices, vehicles, household appliances, and interactive kiosks. As a result, everyone has used an embedded device at some point.
Those who work in cloud software development for embedded systems industries may need to become more familiar with a wide variety of embedded devices.
Based on their functional performance, these are categorized into four types:

  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Standalone embedded-systems
  • Network embedded systems
  • Mobile embedded systems

Real-time embedded systems are designed to perform a specific function for a set amount of time. Thus, the correctness of the real-time embedded system’s operation is determined by the correctness of the computations, as well as the time it takes to acquire the desired result. If the time constraints are not met, the system will fail. It is essential to meet the time requirements for the system’s behavior to be predictable. Therefore, practically all industrial automation systems with which Sirin Software has decades of experience are real-time systems.
Here is a perfect example of a real-time embedded system. Imagine you have e created a robot with a single task: to place stickers on boxes moving along a conveyor. If the robot is late, the box on the conveyor will be gone, and the robot will fail the task. However, if the robot rushes, the package will not be there. Furthermore, if the robot fails the task, it might block the movement of other boxes along the conveyor.

If you wish to enhance the process of attaching stickers to boxes, we can help you by creating an application. Our company, with a team full of experts in embedded programming, recently developed a unique mobile app for immediate label modification, which would have made it easier for the robot to work on the task. Our customers often come to us at Sirin Software seeking assistance with issues they face or projects they would like to have designed.  The most popular service offered by Sirin Software is Linux-embedded development.
Returning to the main discussion, real-time embedded systems are categorized as either soft real-time or hard-time.
As an example, we can once again take the robot created to place stickers on boxes. It demonstrates the distinction between these two types of embedded systems.

The mission will fail entirely if the robot is late in placing stickers. This is referred to as a hard real-time embedded system. However, if the robot’s delay only results in a loss of productivity, this is referred to as soft real-time.
Delays are not allowed in hard real-time systems under any circumstances because:

  • The results may be useless if they are late
  • If the reaction time is too long, a disaster might occur
  • Being late can have serious consequences

The majority of embedded programming projects are programmed in soft real-time. Many systems are well-designed and offer a high level of security or behavior correction even when there are delays. If a computer is late, it is compensated.
Standalone embedded systems do not rely on a host system like a processor or a computer to perform tasks. You are most likely familiar with these systems because they are used in everyday items such as washing machines, microwaves, and game consoles.
Network-embedded systems are connected to a wired or wireless network to perform the required tasks and deliver results to connected devices. Such systems are used in, for example, ATMs, card-reading machines, and home security systems.
The fundamental advantage of mobile systems is their small size and ease of usage. Even though they have limited memory, consumers choose them because of their portability and convenience, which includes: digital cameras, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and mobile phones.


Home wireless networks are also common and helpful. Wireless devices influence embedded development since they are reasonably affordable and have already been implemented in modern buildings. Here is an example that perfectly shows how wireless technology can modernize a building and make the working and living experience more comfortable. Sirin Software after receiving an outsourced embedded firmware development project developed TowerIQ, a technology for the initial setup end and provisioning of in-building radio communication equipment.
Optimizing battery-powered devices for minimal power consumption and high uptime is a significant challenge for wireless device makers. As a result, technologies for monitoring and lowering the energy usage of wireless embedded devices continue to be developed. Energy monitoring and visualizations can assist engineers in fine-tuning their embedded systems. Moreover, enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules that utilize less power at the hardware layer can also help with improvements.

Smart Home

Even if at first glance it may seem that this technology has not evolved significantly, this is not true, and the Smart Home market’s revenue shows it. Nowadays, there are numerous smart home trends, and the embedded software development process for the technology is becoming increasingly complex. Applications for controlling your smart home from a distance are favored a lot. The old technology allowed users to set embedded devices to turn on and off at certain hours or days. However, the most recent trend offers us to activate devices using a monitor or geolocation sensor.
Home Automation Systems are another big trend for companies requesting embedded systems programming. Given that they are controlled by voice commands, the technology could benefit the elderly and disabled. The technology is easy to incorporate, and working with a company like Sirin Software would be advantageous because we provide both embedded programming and hardware development services.


With the introduction of the Internet of Things, developers’ and manufacturers’ primary attention is on cybersecurity. In 2023, sophisticated embedded security technologies, such as key generators capable of identifying devices on the Internet of Things network, as well as microcontroller security solutions capable of isolating security operations from regular operations, will emerge. Furthermore, certain clients interested in embedded development outsourcing request secure operating systems, and our company is always happy to assist them.

Cloud Connectivity 

Connecting embedded industrial devices to the Internet and cloud can take weeks or months in the typical development cycle. As a result, cloud connectivity tools will be a key future market for embedded systems, since they are developed to make the connecting process of embedded systems to cloud-based services easier by eliminating the underlying hardware complications. According to statistics, the market revenue for cloud connectivity is increasing.
Our company, which specializes in firmware and embedded software development services, worked on cloud connectivity solutions that may help you comprehend current cases. For example, we developed a Firmware and Mobile App for Extreme Sport Watercraft, a powerful, innovative, and entirely new electric-powered watercraft for the European and North American consumer markets. Therefore, our team created firmware for the wakeboard from scratch, which is set up by a mobile app with three power levels (Eco/Sport/Awake) and throttles (Easy/Normal/Aggressive).

Industrial Automation

Embedded development and software development for embedded systems is a significant part of the enhancement of industrial automation solutions. Every year, there is a new trend, such as enhanced equipment monitoring or a better way to improve technical equipment. Companies are interested in developing embedded systems because a lower percentage of defects and increased safety of technical equipment result in higher product quality and risk reduction.
In 2023, embedded development will shape the automation process. The technology that allows embedded systems to control factory equipment remotely will be in great demand. The embedded system gathers data, which may be sent to the cloud over the Internet for remote control and monitoring.

Sirin Software enjoys working on innovative cases. Since the technology has risen in popularity in recent years and will continue to grow, our company has received many clients requiring industrial automation assistance. As a result, Sirin Software has created an ArchFX Cloud platform and is already working on other challenging industrial automation projects. ArchFX Cloud is a platform designed to provide real-time analysis and alerts from large amounts of data received from machines and factory equipment, thereby minimizing maintenance costs. It is intended for automatic data-driven detection of structural changes with a consistent, traceable history, a configurable hierarchical factory structure, and aggregated performance metrics at every level.

Seek Expert Assistance

Looking for specialists in software engineering for embedded systems, but having no luck? You are fortunate to be reading this article since our company can help you. Remember that the final outcome will be determined by the company you pick. As a result, choosing the right company with specialists is challenging. Sirin Software provides a team of experts with deep expertise in embedded software development.

Sirin Software specialists are also knowledgeable on Linux embedded development and IoT solutions. Examine the list of services offered by Sirin Software to better grasp the company’s capabilities, and contact us if you find something useful.
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