Why a City Needs a Smart Parking System

By: Segiy Sergienko, 16 Dec 2021
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A smart parking system can be a useful solution for many cities all over the world. Many people move to large, well-developed cities to become successful. The higher the income of people, the more opportunities they have to purchase vehicles. But the ever-increasing number of cars creates one very important problem – lack of parking spaces. It is a well-known fact that most car owners living in major cities always need to think about where they are going to park whenever they go anywhere. 

To date, the increase in the number of cars has led to the following problems:

  1. Cities were built gradually. Their architectural plan initially did not include a sufficient number of parking spaces. Smart parking systems can change this situation for the better. 
  2. Sidewalks, lawns, and roadsides are often used for parking. Parking management system software can demarcate the territory and arrange all objects according to their intended purpose. If you don’t know how to do it, contact Sirin Software.
  3. Increase in the air pollution level and its negative impact on human health. Smart parking technology is useful and eco-friendly at the same time. 
  4. Traffic congestion has a very negative effect on people’s quality of life. Effective parking management is a good way to help drivers. 

Despite the fact that many countries actively oppose the increase in the number of cars and recommend opting for bicycles and public transportation, for many people the comfort and convenience of a car of their own remain a priority. Therefore, our task is to find smart parking solutions.

The Necessity of Smart Parking Solutions

Society is very often divided into two opposing groups. The first group is eco-activists and environmentalists. They advocate for abandoning cars, citing environmental pollution, traffic jams, and endless parking lots. They are simply against everything related to cars without knowing anything about smart parking systems and parking management.

And the second group of people is just car owners. They are waiting for smart parking solutions that can make their life easier and more comfortable: 

  1. No need to park illegally.
  2. No parking fines.
  3. No need to change their plans due to the lack of parking spaces.

We do not even know how many cars ensure our livelihoods every day. Suppliers of food, medicine, and many other items we purchase daily have to solve the problem of parking their vehicles every day. Prolonged search for parking results in increased fuel consumption, delivery delays, and an increase in the number of unsatisfied customers. Therefore, the implementation of the smart parking system is as important for the comfortable life of non-car owners.

And, of course, there is another stakeholder in the parking issue. These are the city authorities, which need to meet the needs of residents and tourists for parking spaces and reduce the level of pollution in their community at the same time. Parking management system software can help city authorities to support a healthy environment and satisfy car owners’ needs. Sirin Software is ready to find the best solution for this problem. 

Parking Management

Nowadays smart parking technology is used in many large cities with complex traffic. It includes many developments designed to manage the city, taking into account all its specifics, budget, the number of inhabitants, car flow, etc. Modern parking management is built on IoT devices. It uses a special system of parking tickets and helps to determine the location of the vehicle and get directions to a free parking space.  

The creation of a smart parking system is a long and laborious process. There are many factors to consider here, without which a perfectly designed parking management system software simply cannot work. For instance, the city needs a special infrastructure to implement the new parking system. 

The first step is to examine the existing parking experience in detail. Then we need to identify and analyze all its negative and positive aspects. The next step is to develop several smart parking solutions. Then, we need to foresee the consequences of each decision and make the most appropriate choice for the given locality. After that our solution can be implemented. And the only thing we will have to do after is to control the process. 

Smart parking systems can solve several problems. First of all, car owners need a special app that can lead them directly to free parking. 

The problem of paying for parking can also be solved with one application. Modern smart parking technology allows us to use parking navigation, follow the directions on the dashboard, and pay for parking.

The best way to simplify all processes for drivers is to offer them some alternative solutions. For instance, they can choose free or paid parking. The app can calculate the travel time to both the parking spot and the destination. 

A very useful option is a parking reservation. It is important for both commercial transport and private car owners. This option can balance supply and demand and help city authorities to provide a good parking service. In any case, a smart parking system is the best way to establish better parking practices and satisfy car owners, pedestrians, and other stakeholders.

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