Cross-Platform driver development

Drivers are essential in all modern IT sectors. They're the key communicators between hardware devices and operating systems. Cross-platform driver development enhances this, ensuring device compatibility across all systems - Windows, Linux, MacOS, or real-time platforms.


At Sirin Software, we’re skilled at developing cross-platform drivers, servicing a wide array of sectors such as healthcare, IoT, manufacturing, and energy. Our adept engineers build intricate software, enabling devices and operating systems to interact smoothly. This means your intricate medical equipment communicates flawlessly with various systems for optimal patient care, or your complex industrial machinery syncs effortlessly across platforms for streamlined operations. No matter the platform – Windows, Linux, MacOS, or real-time systems – we ensure your hardware functions seamlessly and efficiently.

Unique Driver Creation

Our expertise lies in crafting specific drivers for your unique hardware specifications, assuring seamless data transmission and system-wide compatibility, integral for optimal device functionality.

Virtual Hardware Simulations

Our engineers design virtual drivers that simulate hardware devices. These drivers are essential in virtual environments or cloud-based systems, aiding in device emulation and debugging processes.

Firmware Driver Development

We create drivers that facilitate interaction between an operating system and device firmware, aiding in updates, debugging, and enhancing device functionality.

Cross-Platform Driver Development

We engineer custom drivers for multiple platforms, facilitating smooth communication between hardware and applications. This cross-platform compatibility is crucial for optimal device performance.

Chipset Interactions

Our team develops drivers that enable operating systems to interact efficiently with various custom chipsets ensuring optimal performance and proper functioning of system components.

Controller Driver Development

We handle the development of drivers that manage the interaction between the OS and a variety of controllers. Whether for industrial machinery or drone flight systems, we guarantee cross-platform functionality.