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Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team is a special business model of financial interactions that is becoming more and more popular in the contemporary software outsourcing environment. However, the model can unlikely contribute to each and every project. Sirin Software has sufficiently rich experience in setting up dedicated teams to offer this service responsibly.

How Dedicated Teams Work

Along with such types of business relationships as Time & Material (T&M) and Fixed Price (FP), the Dedicated Development Team (DDT) model is a specific sort of cooperation between software development service providers and their customers.

When a customer accepts such a service, a team of developers selected according to features of a particular software project appears at the customer’s disposal. A dedicated development team is to focus on some IT solution solely while both operational control and high-level business tasks remain for a customer. At the same time, the service provider whose team is engaged in the deal has to take responsibility for hiring new members along with providing administrative backstopping to the entire dedicated team.

Besides, the provider is to monitor the team’s performance continuously to revise the workflow if necessary.

When The Dedicated Development Team Model is Worth Considering

When a customer is looking for long-term cooperation with a service provider the dedicated team model demonstrates the best results. Besides, DDT works well when customers have neither extra resources nor enough time to hire and train an in-house team of developers.

Yet another appropriate case for the dedicated development team service implies a clear vision that a particular project cannot dispense with the growing staff over time.

Generalizing incentives to use dedicated team services the following conditions seem to be essential:

  • Long-term partnership with a service provider is your strategy to make some time-consuming IT project see the light.
  • Your project requirements can be subject to frequent change.
  • There is an assumption that you might need a bigger team to complete the project.
  • Hiring a new in-house team to develop your project does not sound feasible.
  • You are not against reducing the cost of project development.
Which Customers Prefer Dedicated Development Team Services

Traditionally, customers from the Western World (the USA and UE) prefer dedicated teams in software development. It means the model covers the main software outsourcing market. However, customers from other regions start taking a closer look at dedicated development team services.

The main reason is that the model provides companies with a swift response to changing circumstances in business. At the same time, dedicated teams help companies keep the quality of software development high.

Another reason is that the dedicated team model is personality-centered. When hiring dedicated development teams the customers look for not just extra labor resources. They seek highly motivated project-oriented specialists who proactively do their best to make the resulting product ideal.

This is what “dedication” means at its core: long-term cooperation with purposeful people who share your values.

Benefits of Dedicated Development Teams

Besides the very dedication, the following three main factors enable dedicated teams to contribute to custom software projects:

  • The transparency of the entire development process when customers can keep total control over the workflows while dedicated development teams remain rapidly scalable if necessary.
  • The properly targeted expertise of the selected developers enables customers to hire just the professionals they need. Appropriate skills and relevant experience in a particular industry (automotive, medicine, banking, telecom, etc) allow dedicated team members to meet the customers’ expectations best. Besides, the technological achievements of the service provider become accessible to the customers.
  • A flexible approach to the work process allows dedicated team service providers to offer such an option as work-from-home that becomes actual in the current lockdown-affected situation. Uninterrupted remote workflows inherent in the dedicated team model keep business processes secure despite whatever external circumstances can happen.
Why Sirin Software is Successful in Establishing Dedicated Teams

The success of any dedicated team depends on how well service providers treat their labor resources with technical infrastructures and working environments. Sirin Software has developed a consistent well-coordinated approach to the creation of dedicated development teams focused on customer satisfaction. Our Company is among the leading providers of the dedicated development team service in Eastern Europe.

We are continuously extending the range of our competencies. Our services keep covering more and more industries and domains to stay relevant to the ever-evolving IT sector.

Every new project adds another piece of expertise to our knowledge base. Diverse long-lasting contracts with our current clients enable our dedicated team specs to relentlessly hone their skills in dedicated software development of various sorts. The permanent improvement of collaborative capabilities of our staff strictly corresponds to our internal quality code.

How Long It Takes to Create a Dedicated Development Team

Time periods vary by the degree of involvement of customers in each particular case. Some of them trust our managers to select the dedicated team members according to the project requirements. The others prefer to participate in all interviews by checking the CVs of all candidates. Hence, the entire process can take from one to four weeks to set up an entire dedicated development team.

When a team should consist of 10 specs, for instance, we recommend starting from 3 ones and add the others over the process of project development gradually. The approach is more feasible than hiring all developers at once.

Besides, we propose such an option as a trial period to let customers become fully confident in the dedicated team members before signing a contract. Customers may need a week or two to realize whether no alternative candidate is worth considering.

How Dedicated Development Teams Are Paid

Our pricing method is flexible: it depends on the size of a team along with the expertise of the team members. Besides, possible downtimes when the dedicated developers happen to be idle are usually paid with a special predetermined tariff.

However, even if some technical constraints prevent the dedicated team developers from doing their main job they can execute some other IT tasks useful for the project.

Besides, the longer the period of a dedicated team contract is the lower the hourly tariffs of dedicated developers appear.

What Specific Advantages Our Dedicated Team Service Provides

Our dedicated development team service provides specialists who are fully immersed in the business specifics of the customers. No matter which industry your business belongs to, our dedicated developers always share your goals.

Our dedicated teams are agile to meet the expectations of every customer when the team size needs to be scaled up. We always have a certain reserve of labor resources to offer.

Sirin Software offers various collaboration models: teams working at the customer’s side, Sirin Software office-based teams, home-based specs, mixed models, etc.

The following features, inter alia, are inherent in our dedicated team service:

  • adjusting working schedules with the customer’s time zone;
  • enabling customers to interview all candidates;
  • continuous monitoring of the team performance;
  • creating detailed reports over the whole period of collaboration;
  • providing the long-run value of your project due to the accumulation of expertise and knowledge-building capabilities.
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