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Automotive Software Development

According to Statista, the global automotive industry revenue grows exponentially throughout the years. The market of automotive software development is brimming with new colors with the advent of advanced technologies and integrations like AI, the Internet of Things, automation systems, and such.

Right now, we can confidently say that software has become a firm part of the automotive industry, boosting the convenience and efficiency of the underlying processes with commercially available solutions.

At Sirin Software, we are focused heavily on this industry among other profiled niches. And we would like to share our take on contributing to it with the specialized software before other automotive software development companies do.

Modern Automotive Industry Overview

Automotive is an extremely wide niche that covers everything related to

  • cars;
  • driving and transportation;
  • mobility as a whole.

  • Light vehicles
    Many regular cars and motorcycles are employed in transportation and shipping. Note that passenger cars and minivans as well as pickup trucks and SUVs are all considered light vehicles.
  • Buses and trucks
    This segment covers trucks as well as trailers, RCVs, coaches, and even buses, most of which are widely used in the transportation of people and goods commercially.
  • Heavy-duty and agriculture vehicles
    Industrial-grade machines are used throughout the world in factories and construction; mining and infrastructure; and agriculture for transportation and other functional purposes.
  • Electric vehicles and hybrids
    Eco-friendly electric cars are becoming more and more common and widespread in all areas of human life and work.
  • Smart cars
    Also called self-driving or autonomous cars, this is the most buzzing trend of the industry right now – smart cars are the future of automotive capabilities, promising to make so many things much simpler, safer, and more efficient through automation.
Automotive Product Development Cycle

In terms of the full-cycle automotive testing and development services we provide at Sirin Software, we have automotive development engineers that lead your project through the complete project cycle, consisting of the following underlying stages.

  1. Requirements and preps Every automotive product development cycle is kicked off with the gathering and discussion of detailed client requirements. It’s best to have some background knowledge and be as prepared as possible. But if you don’t have your own desirable specs and don’t want to bother coming up with them, we can help you create a checklist based on the latest, most profitable industry trends, tendencies, and standards.Once the initial project discussion phase is done with, we go through the other essential prep stages:

    1) Market analysis
    We analyze market dynamics in particular relation to your product and study the relevant competition to help you implement a standing-out solution.2) Project and budget planning
    Based on the initial requirements and in-depth reports after the niche analysis, we can plan out the future scope of work and approximate budget.3) Sealing the deal
    With the early project kick-off settled, we can indicate all the basic aspects of the project and register all workflow specifics in a contract and make a deal, transferring the project concept to technical specialists.
  2. Design and wireframingAt Sirin Software, for instance, we have a separate department of automotive software designers that help establish a foundation for the fully-functional end product. Design is one of the main pillars of the whole project that sets how the future product will look and “feel”. It is a major UI/UX creation and optimization phase that should never be neglected.This is where the basic software architecture is built. In terms of wireframing, our automotive development engineers can draw up the most basic software infrastructure outline if the project in work is highly complex and needs a more thorough, paced approach.
  1. Automotive product developmentThis is where the actual creation of all functional elements of the product happens. Developers use the prepared design and elaborate on it based on the set specifications and project goals. Specialists program and integrate features, build the solution brick by brick, and set things in motion, tieing up all the software assets together.
  2. Testing and QAThorough testing is paramount to the end quality of your end product. During the testing phase, both manual and automated techniques are used to see how the product handles the set tasks and fulfills its purpose. Numerous iterations are polished in the process to achieve a flawless result.QA specialists will help make sure that the product is properly completed and can efficiently work in the field in a wider sense, using various criteria and metrics.
  3. LaunchProduct launch and release is as crucial a phase as any other and the proper preparation is in place. A specialized team will help you pave the way for your product’s successful operation in the market in the most efficient manner. The most important thing is to have a fully finished solution in hand, with each phase polished to the max.
  4. Support and maintenanceA team of true professionals never drops a product after its market release. The real working environment is fierce and new flaws and controversial aspects can appear that need tweaking and adapting. This is why further support and technical maintenance should certainly be among your requirements towards an automotive product development services provider you consider working with.
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Create a Business-Pushing Automotive Project

Automotive research and development should only be handled by experienced, knowledgeable professionals in the niche.
Sirin Software is a gathering of exactly such professionals – with vast experience in the field and all the essential expertise you may need to release a profitable project.

We give you dedicated automotive development engineers that work based on the well-tried-and-tested consistent approach, putting your business benefits as a top priority.

Contact us to discuss the details of your future project!



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