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Consumer Electronics Solutions

Consumer electronics keep finding more and more ways of interacting with users. Modern devices are merging with software products to give rise to innovative consumer electronics solutions inherent in the present digital era.

The new level of integrability with gadgets makes consumers change their preferences and, therefore, lifestyle. Our everyday routine is increasingly focused on both transmission and utilization of data. The Internet of Things is the mainstream of consumer electronics development that sets high standards for both hardware and software.

New devices and technologies that appear every day make the demand for both R&D and creative production steadily growing. Mobile sensors and remote actuators, VR headsets and embedded projectors, data-tracking wearables and smart home appliances all require a new vision of interactions between electronics and users. And this is what Sirin Software offers to create with the available consumer electronics development services.

Outlook For Consumer Electronics Development

The ever-expanding internet connectivity is one of the main factors that push the global consumer electronics market to grow. According to a recent industry report, the market is expected to reach $1,500 billion by 2026. Knowledge-intensive communication on the internet makes consumers smarter. They start looking for personalized consumer electronics product design enabling a seamless adoption of new devices and technologies.

Both hardware manufacturers and software developers have to be more consumer-centric today. The most successful categories of consumer electronics are no longer simple serial goods. They all are complicated highly customizable devices whose generation-by-generation evolution is speeding up. Their features and properties allow creating unprecedented consumer electronics solutions for the following segments:

  • Smartphones and tablet computers
    The relentless growth of their computing power along with 5G connectivity allows making smartphones a universal access point to a great variety of IoT devices beginning from smart-home appliances and up to industrial automated clusters. This field is infinite in terms of the development of custom hardware-software solutions.
  • Wearable gadgets
    The recent COVID-19 pandemic made various health data-tracking devices popular as never before. Biological signals of our bodies start constituting a valuable dataset that can be monetized in a digital economy. Consumer electronics applications based on trackable health records seem to stay at the earliest stage of development.
  • Gaming consoles
    Video-gaming is experiencing the second birth with total lockdowns over the world. Playing computer games is no longer an activity just for youth. All generations are engaged in it now: the gaming industry revenue exceeded the income of all Hollywood movies in 2020.
  • Electric vehicles
    The transition to a post-carbon economy is the global trend that brings electric vehicles to the top of customer demand. Both EVs and their infrastructure (charging stations, GPS beacons, etc) are saturated with chips and programmable elements. The consumer electronics solutions capable of combining EVs with other electronic domains have a great future ahead.
  • Energy storage
    Power generation of “green” electricity with solar grids and wind turbines is a science-intensive industry full of electronics. The capacity of modern batteries grows continuously enabling energy storage devices to satisfy the consumers’ demand for long-running autonomous electronics. Any effort to create another consumer-centric energy-saving solution can never be futile.
  • Drones & robotics
    Hundreds of drones can keep perfectly synchronized movements in the air, and humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics can dance better than the majority of us. Robotized consumer electronics devices seem to reflect the very essence of modern technology. We are just at the beginning of the era of robots.
Consumer Electronics Development Services

A certain sequence of actions should take place to let an innovative consumer electronics product appear on the market. This is about a development life cycle with all necessary stages. If we have a look at the stages through the lens of consumer electronics development the following activities can reflect the services we provide:

  • Feasibility analysis
    If you have a business idea in the consumer electronics domain, marketers and economists should be the ones who can assess the business potential of your project. However, they both might appear with empty hands without the conclusion of our engineers on whether the project is executable in terms of consumer electronics product design.
    Electronics experts from Sirin Software can provide you with numerous valuable insights regarding the most appropriate technologies that can be applied to your project. Various aspects of both hardware and software should be well-considered at the initial stage of any consumer electronics development cycle.
  • Conceptual designing
    A holistic picture of a finished product is what both clients and developers should keep in mind over the entire course of custom development of consumer electronics devices. Conceptual designing executed by our specs can show how smoothly hardware properties match software features in the future product.
    If extended reality is the area of your project, no immersive content occurs without a properly selected software development stack whichever VR/AR devices are used. If body signals are in the center of your project, the seamless conjunction of precise measurements with clear visualization should stay at the core of your consumer electronics solution.
  • Development & testing
    When processors, sensors, transmitters, as well as all the other necessary hardware components are thoroughly selected, and the software technology stack is responsibly approved, the development process of consumer electronic solutions comes into play.
    Engineers of Sirin Software always try to achieve the best possible usability of the developed products. Whether it can be a voice interface, IoT dashboards, or screen-based graphics, the resulting user interface will deliver the best user experience to the end-consumers.
    No matter how complicated one or another third-party hardware is in work, we are always capable of developing the most appropriate firmware for it. Since our QA specs possess the most up-to-date testing techniques no negative after-effects bother our clients in post-deployment.
  • Upgrade & improvement
    Time never stands still – technical progress can make today’s solutions obsolete tomorrow. Consumer electronics devices are vulnerable to getting outdated unless a farsighted upgrade & improvement strategy is developed in advance.
    Engineers and developers of Sirin Software are carefully monitoring all inventions and innovations that can impact the consumer electronics development sector anytime soon. We prefer predictive maintenance allowing our customers to run their business with no fear to find their consumer electronics product non-upgradable during the entire lifecycle.
  • Dedicated teams
    Electronic engineering is a very specific type of activity to make engineering teams widely available on the market. That’s why any consumer electronics product development company that can share strong electronics expertise has an additional trump card.
    We are proud of our dedicated teams who can create, test, and deploy any sort of custom consumer electronics devices by working remotely for companies that have no in-house experts in electronics. The present era of digital communication makes consumer electronics development irrelevant to borders and distances. Sirin Software has many years of successful experience in providing customers from different countries with dedicated teams of electronic engineers.
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Create Your Consumer Electronics Solution Today

High performance and perfect usability constitute the main properties of any system architecture we create for our customers from the consumer electronics domain. New business opportunities along with fresh revenue channels appear before those entrepreneurs who launch new projects in such a promising field as the forever-young consumer electronics.

Sirin Software is always glad to welcome both brave startupers and experienced merchants from the corporate sector. Our consumer electronics development engineers can immediately build a dedicated team to execute any assignment within the scope of our consumer electronics development services.

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