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Retail software development services

Retail can be called the very essence of trade while trade in its turn is fundamental for the current market economy. Digitization of retail is crucial for further sustainability of the global free market. Sirin Software makes trade smarter with professional retail software development services.

Retail software solutions are blurring the line between brick-and-mortar businesses and pure eCommerce projects. Modern technologies help both paradigms engage consumers via innovative approaches. The final goal of every retail software solution is a coin with two sides: enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales. Sirin Software applies in-depth development expertise to keep both sides shining bright.

How Retail Software Solutions Add Value To Your Business

Sirin Software enables your retail business to get digital. This complex task includes various aspects we can solve with highly customized retail software development. What benefits may you expect to achieve as a result?

  • Proliferation of regular customers
    Improved shopping experiences always drive customers to come back. The Big Data tools we use in our retail software solutions help business owners meticulously analyze customers’ behavior. Hence, better decisions can be made to increase both the conversion rate and sales.
  • Optimization of pricing
    Price tracking functions can reveal how your retail business feels amongst the competitors. Dynamic pricing can be set up automatically to make your revenues uninterrupted. Stay always few steps ahead of your rivals with real-time stats that makes your pricing models more appealing to customers.
  • Acceleration of order delivery
    Our deep expertise in retail software development can make the principle “demand creates supply” work for you with full force. The predictive data analytics we create for eCommerce solutions help you mitigate operational risks on the up-sell when proper delivery management is crucial. Minimize order processing & delivery time to let the goods leave your store for the buyers right after the sale.
  • Simplification of inventory management
    To buy cheaper is barely less crucial for retailers than to sell faster. Sirin Software offers data automation to simplify inventory management according to both expected sales and seasonal fluctuations of purchase prices. Maximize your profits with well-timed procurement executed through automated inventory solutions.
  • Digitization of physical stores
    A broad range of retail software solutions can make any physical store closely resemble an online marketplace: digital beacons, augmented reality apps, self-service workstations, NFC payment terminals, streamlined order processing, regular customers’ recognition, etc. Contact our retail consulting services to let your brick-&-mortar shop keep pace with the present digital zeitgeist.
What We Can Do For Retailers

Sirin Software combines competencies to develop retail software solutions for any sort of shop. Both eCommerce projects and brick-&-mortar stores can benefit from the tailor-made apps and platforms we create.

Software Solutions For Physical Stores

Any functionality that facilitates brick-&-mortar retailers can be developed from scratch on a turn-key basis.

  • NFC mobile payment
    Bank cards and smartphones have almost replaced cash in our day-to-day routine. POS terminals capable of executing instant transactions with NFC-powered wearables and smartphones are must-have attributes of any physical store today. We can provide your customers with better shopping experiences through trouble-free cashless payment solutions.
  • Data-driven promotion campaigns
    Discount notifications coming to the smartphones of your regular customers when they are passing by your shop can better engage your audience. Create smart promotion strategies with targeted offers to increase your revenue. Both demand predictions and product management are also in the scope of our retail software development.
  • Advanced logistics tools
    Make no mistake in meeting the demand of your customers with automated predictive solutions for logistics. Surprise your customers with immediate order processing and instant deliveries. Establish efficient supply chains with your business partners via custom retail software solutions from Sirin Software.
  • Inventory management automation
    Allow your warehouses to stay neither empty nor overfilled with unsold stock. Maintain a proper inventory balance via data-driven software solutions for automated inventory management. Sirin Software can make your trackable product flows smoother.
E-Commerce Software Development

Sirin Software offers custom retail software solutions for eCommerce projects of any complexity. We are totally aware of all the advanced technologies and features inherent in contemporary online commerce.

  • Highly customizable sales systems
    Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Opencart, and other popular platforms for eCommerce are closely familiar to our developers. We can create scalable web projects and mobile applications for online retailers in any product segment. Both the development from scratch and integration with open-source solutions go equally well with our customization.
  • eCommerce marketplaces
    The custom user interface with responsive design is what catches the initial attention of your customers. We saturate eCommerce marketplaces with well-tested features that make the shopping experience irresistible for your buyers. Convenient shopping carts and efficient order management add value to your e-store. There is no problem if you need to rebuild your existing legacy solution: Sirin Software is here to make your data easily migrate to a new eCommerce platform.
  • Third-party software integrations
    Your eCommerce project can be properly integrated with various third-party open-source software such as CMS, CRM, ERP, and accounting solutions. Inventory management tools and automated marketing features can be added as well through either custom development or third-party integration. Sirin Software appreciates and accepts high-quality third-party retail software solutions if they contribute to our clients with no corporate arrogance and professional jealousy.
  • Mobile retail apps
    Loyalty coupons, multi-currency wallets, referral programs for distributors, and fully-fledged sales systems all can be developed for mobile phones and tablet computers. Doing retail business on the go is changing its status from an extra option to a basic one these days. Sirin Software supports all initiatives aimed at making retail mobile with the full scope of our mobile development capabilities.
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Why Work With Us

Despite those numerous industries where Sirin Software feels like a duck to water, we prioritize retail software development, nonetheless. We recognize a huge potential in data-driven software solutions for retailers. The more diverse they become the better.

We never recoil from difficulty however sophisticated retail software solutions are ordered since the professional skills of our developers are best in class. Our portfolio is self-explanatory to prove what we can create for retailers.

Contact us today for the advanced retail software development services whatever business model stays behind your retail project!



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