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Smart Home Solutions: Home Under Control

Isn’t it awesome when all you need to manage the convenience and security of your house is a smartphone, tablet, PC, or a simple remote control? Smart home solutions allow you to easily control indoor temperature, lighting, and many other appliances. Such centralization results both in saved costs and nerves, definitely saving lots of your personal time as well.

Smart Home Solutions Development

Smart homes with interconnected devices and household appliances become increasingly popular. In big part, due to the money-, time-, and energy-saving benefits they bring to the table. According to Statista, the number of implemented smart homes will reach 300 million by 2023, and the global smart home market will exceed $140 billion in revenue.

Thanks to integrations with advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the market for domestic hardware and software is brimming with new opportunities. And every other commercially available smart home system has already become an integral part of the modern home.

At Sirin Software, we too put a heavy focus on the research and creation of custom smart home software and strive to contribute to improving the life around as much as we can.

Major Types of Smart Home Solutions

Sirin Software offers an extensive range of smart home system implementation options, covering this niche far and wide. We have specialists seasoned in properly equipping every corner of your house with modern capabilities.

How we make your home smart
We work on solutions for any purpose, with a major focus on fully-customizable software products that ultimately boost the convenience of your house at a reasonable project cost. All thanks to our in-house experts in transforming a regular house into your personal little paradise.

In terms of smart home development we provide, we cover segments such as:

  • Smart lights.
    Ever wanted to turn on lights at home with a hands clap? With smart lighting, you can turn lights on/off in any room with a single push of a button or a voice command, which is quite ingenious.
  • Security.
    You should feel much safer and calmer about the state of your house when it sends you real-time notifications, alerts you about guests at the door, and even turns on lights and TV while you are away to prevent home invasions.
  • Home network.
    Sturdy and stable domestic network is a backbone of any smart home system.
  • Home theater.
    With a custom remote-managed home theater system, watching movies at home can be exhilarating enough for you to forget about going out to the cinema for a new flick.
  • Smart intercom.
    You can see who’s at the door, hear and talk to visitors through your smartphone, and open or close doors remotely – all using one single application.
  • Outdoor sound and light systems.
    Like to throw parties in the backyard? You can easily control your outdoor sound and light system.
  • All-in-one remote.
    A universal remote control app allows you to manage every connected device and appliance you have at home – from curtains and lights to sound and security systems – via your smartphone.
  • Voice control.
    All of the above can be managed in an even more hassle-free way – with voice commands – making your home leisure ultimately more enjoyable.

A smart home system tailored to your needs lets you manage and monitor your device ecosystem with just one easy-to-use app. You will be able to control everything that happens in your house and around it, no matter where you are located at the moment:

Stuck at work until late?
The system will inform you that the children have made it home safely with a push notification.
Forgot to close the garage?
Your home keeps track of this and will warn you.through an individually designed cloud management profile.
Jumped out the door, forgetting to turn off something?
You will reach maximum individual optimization with native software, which is usually more preferred for enterprise mobile application development.
Away from home but need to receive an important delivery?
Our home automation and smart home control solutions allow you to remotely open the gate, see your package arrive at the porch, and lock everything back. Backup solutions requiring no customer interference.

You can organize all your electronics and home appliances into an automated system with unified management and control. Smart home devices make your home safer, more comfortable, and a little more magical.

Smart Home App Development Cycle

At Sirin Software, we have teams of specialists to lead your project through a full-blown development cycle that consists of the following stages:

  1. Requirements & prep phases
    Each smart home app development cycle begins with collecting and discussing client requirements. If you don’t have your own desired specifications and don’t want to bother coming up with it, we can help you put together a checklist based on the latest industry trends and standards.
  2. Market analysis
    We analyze market dynamics and study competitor cases to help you implement an outstanding home automation and smart home control solution.
  3. Project & budget planning
    Based on the initial requirements and detailed reports resulting after the niche analysis, we can plan out the future scope of work and an approximate budget.
  4. Deal making
    Having settled project essentials, we can identify all the main workflow aspects and specifics, outlining them in the contract and concluding a deal. After that, the project concept is passed on to technical specialists.

From there on out, we go through the major technical implementation stages one by one.

  1. Design and wireframingSirin Software developers will help lay the foundation for a fully functional home automation and smart home control system. Design is one of the crucial components of the project, which determines how the future product will look and “feel”. Our developers will draw up a basic outline of the software infrastructure if the project is very complex and requires a phased approach.
  2. Software development
    Our experienced devs use proven smart home technology and design approaches, tailoring them based on the given specifications and goals. The specialists hardcode, integrate features, and build a solution in stages, seamlessly linking software assets.
  3. Testing and QA
    During the testing phase of the smart home system, both manual and automated methods are used. To achieve a flawless result, iterations are polished one after another until the best result is achieved. Quality control specialists help ensure that the product is properly completed and can perform effectively according to various criteria.
  4. Launch
    A dedicated team will help you most effectively organize a successful launch of the product in the market or deployment in a specific operational environment.
  5. Support and maintenance
    The team of professionals doesn’t leave smart home devices after introducing it to the market or deploying it at your home. All further issues and flaws are monitored, fixed, and updated by a specialized support team staying in touch with the client.
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One thing is for sure – smart home development should be handled by well-experienced, savvy specialists. Exactly like the ones we have at Sirin Software. We offer a top-notch expertise in smart home technology that allows us to deliver truly profitable products.

Our developers use proven, consistent approaches and prioritize the benefits of your business.

Contact us to discuss the details of the future smart home automation project!



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