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Wireless Solutions -
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Over the past five years, the number of devices connected to all sorts of wireless LANs in the world has almost tripled. Statistics claim that networks and populations of wireless devices in the coming years will penetrate all areas of our lives and spread further rapidly.

Rapidly and steadily, the world is turning mobile, and the IoT makes it all convenient. Our cities, transportation, mass media, security, communications, education, entertainment, etc. are changing radically. Wireless solutions are having a huge impact on the way we do business and the way things work top-to-bottom.

A 2010 AT&T study found that 65% of small businesses rely heavily on mobility and other technology benefits for their survival.

At Sirin Software, we pay great attention to creating and improving software products that successfully work with these technologies.
Join and become one of the top wireless companies with us!

But right now, let’s see how exactly wireless technologies work in the world of modern business.

What are Wireless Solutions?

To put it briefly, solutions from a subclass of wireless information technology are used to transfer data between two or more distant points using radio waves or infrared, optical, or laser radiation.

There are many embedded wireless solutions available with application-specific features.

Types of wireless business solutionsCompanies all around the world use different wireless solutions in their daily workflows. In enterprises, these are mainly three types of wireless technologies:

  • Wi-Fi
    Originally designed for use in laptops and other mobile computers, Wi-Fi helps reliably transmit data for networks, VoIP, TVs, and media players. The technology works by using an access point to provide a reliable and stable connection to devices in range.
    Building local networks with Wi-Fi can significantly reduce costs through scalability, ease of deployment, and the ability to integrate with a wide variety of devices.
  • Bluetooth
    Straight from the 2000s, Bluetooth is a relatively new form of wireless technology. It is a high-speed solution for exchanging data over short distances, as well as creating highly secure personal and corporate networks. Thanks to the capabilities of the technology, phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices can be easily interconnected and configured for secure data exchange and management.
  • Infrared
    Although not widely used today, infrared is still an excellent wireless solution for business use due to its portability and high noise immunity. Infrared transmitters are designed to both transmit and receive data through adapters often found on many laptops and mobile devices.
    The infrared port doesn’t require a lot of power, making it a very energy-efficient solution. The limited directionality of the infrared beam gives the technology a higher level of security and ensures that data doesn’t reach unauthorized devices in any way.

Use in business The most promising fields of employing сustom wireless solutions include:

  • communications;
  • wireless probing;
  • object monitoring;
  • navigation and geolocation tracking;
  • quality assurance;
  • risk management;
  • network creation;
  • wireless security systems;
  • energy management;
  • real-time notifications.

Up to date, Wi-Fi has remained the most commonly used wireless solution, but companies are also seeing a shift towards Bluetooth and infrared technology. In the long term, competition between technologies will lead to synergies, and complex embedded wireless solutions will become the most demanded in business.

The Business Value of Wireless

Custom wireless solutions become more widespread and actively used by the day. The niche strives for optimization in all areas, including business.

A well-integrated software product boosts customer loyalty and leads. Business automatically advances up a level when you make your service, product or project available from anywhere, at any time.

There are also other particular benefits wireless business solutions bring to the table.

  • Higher workflow efficiency
    Improved data transfer results in faster sharing of information within enterprises, between partners and customers. For instance, sellers can check inventory levels and prices directly during phone calls.
  • Mobility
    Since wireless technology allows you to communicate while on the move, you rarely lose connection. Employees don’t need additional cables or adapters to access office networks, which makes everybody’s lives that much simpler and hassle-free.
  • Flexibility
    Office workers can be networked and continue being productive outside the office. This can lead to new styles of work, such as tracked work from home or direct access to corporate data on client sites.
  • Cost savings
    Wireless networks are easy and cheap to install, especially in buildings where cabling is not permitted. This reduces infrastructure organizations costs dramatically, letting you focus on expenses on other crucial business aspects.
  • New opportunities
    Wireless networks enable one to offer new products or services. For example, numerous top wireless companies, airport lounges, train stations, hotels, cafes, and restaurants have installed wireless hotspot services to enable mobile users to connect their equipment to their home offices while traveling.

Business value is made up of many factors. Savings are an important factor, but value can also be measured in terms of productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction, and customer service. Wireless technology has already become a critical component of any type of business.

Take advantage of innovative wireless services and modernize your life and business!

Implementing Your Wireless Project Step by Step

Our own team of wireless engineers and solution architects draws on years of experience in deploying wireless security systems, cellular networks, private LTE (PLTE) and broadband access. Technical teams support power grid designs, tower calculations, networks, IoT, and more. We design end-to-end solutions using the top-of-the-line products and value-added services to meet deployment requirements and maximize customer investment.

Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, each of our wireless engineers always adheres to the basic rules of software development.

  1. First, the requirements are studied and the client wishes are analyzed.
  2. Then, the goals and objectives of the future product are determined in close communication with the client.
  3. Design or basic modeling is done with modern programming tools that help to partially integrate design and coding.
  4. After that, it’s on to the evaluation of the analyses results, identification of the likely effectiveness, limitations; critical and weak points of the project.
  5. On this basis, the environment and programming tools are selected, the interface is approved, the final architecture of the system is formed, the design of the main elements is carried out, the verification of basic security requirements, implementation, testing and debugging of the product is carried out.

Success in creating even small and technically simple competitive software depends on the careful implementation of each step. This is why you should choose an experienced team. It is better to hire a company that can provide several specialists to collaborate on software. By distributing tasks, work will be fast and efficient. In addition, a professional team can offer project support.

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If you have an idea and want to take place among the top wireless companies with it, contact Sirin Software. We provide full-scope software development along with a number of wireless services, including cloud solutions, IoT, etc.

Let us help you improve existing projects or create fundamentally new concepts based on your unique ideas.

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