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Cloud Solutions

With the proliferation of 4K videos, 5G internet, super-fast hardware, and highly productive mobile gadgets, petabytes of data started migrating all over the globe. Fewer opportunities for the convenient in-house processing of such an immense volume of info are remaining. Both public and private cloud services are to the rescue. Top cloud companies offer gigantic virtual spaces to store any data. However, the sources of data are not homogeneous in terms of operating systems. Both a seamless experience with in-cloud workflows and easy access to cloud services require appropriate syncing and reliable backup. This is where cloud business solutions from Sirin Software could not be more relevant.

Synchronization & Backup For Hardware Diversity

No single world-wide operating system for all devices is available, which is great since the fair competition between different OSs provides freedom of choice. Your team can use PCs with Windows, Android smartphones, and iOS tablets to reach your corporate cloud-based storage. The security of data exchange between a cloud service and various devices might suffer without a unifying algorithm of synchronization. Besides, protection of your in-cloud data depends on properly executed backups. We offer custom cloud solutions enabling the diversity of your operating systems to get seamlessly synchronized in a cloud via a single account.

A highly-customized interface based on your requirements is what our engineers create to protect your files with timely executed backups. No recovery is needed if no data is lost.

You can benefit from our tailor-made cloud business solutions as follows:

  • Withdraw your data immediately since the recovery time is reduced to seconds;
  • Hold your files safe and secure in the cloud storage provided by Sirin Software via global data centers;
  • Get 24/7 customer support via a help desk available round the clock;
  • Stay calm about your data since our cloud solutions fully correspond to SOC2 and HIPPA data-center standards.
Management of Public Cloud Services

The global cloud environment is huge, and cloud technology companies vary. Our team in Kyiv, Ukraine, can prevent you from getting lost in the diversity of options offered by numerous public cloud providers.

Give us your vision of what you expect from cloud solution services and we will arrange the public cloud management that fits you best.

No matter where exactly a cloud is hosted if our engineers optimize your interaction with a cloud provider in the context of costs and security.

The advantages of dealing with public clouds via a custom cloud solution built by Sirin Software are the following:

  • Advanced infrastructure created for efficient and safe interactions with public clouds and data servers;
  • Continuous monitoring of cloud performance through an individually designed cloud management profile;
  • Backup solutions requiring no customer interference.
Cloud Solutions For Virtual Workspace

No conflicts between various operating systems can occur if shared access to a virtual desktop is available. IT management becomes simpler and, therefore, cheaper if all smart devices can interact through a unified cloud-based workspace. We offer a custom virtual infrastructure enabling different operating systems to work within a single business network. A universal user interface is possible with our cloud solutions for business. Access to your workspace anytime from anywhere via any kind of gadget is achieved through individually developed virtual desktop infrastructures. Our cloud-hosted VDI provides any type of enterprise with adaptable networking.

Our cloud solutions for virtual workspaces can contribute to your business as follows:

  • Improve your business performance through various tailor-made VDIs;
  • Provide top-level security for your networks;
  • Scale your in-cloud workflow up with no limits;
  • Adopt different cost-saving subscription plans.
Hybrid Cloud Envornment

What if public clouds and private ones are merged? The resulting hybrid cloud solution for business allows working with your in-cloud data from wherever you want. And this is what our engineers have created to let corporate customers easily upload and download their files. The hybrid cloud infrastructure designed by Sirin Software is the next-gen custom cloud solution that combines functions from both private and public clouds for seamless networking. We have made our hybrid system absorb the best from both worlds to provide you with a great working experience with no incompatibility issues.

Our hybrid cloud-computing technology has the following features:

  • Outstanding scalability;
  • Data leakage protection provided by connector plugins for secure data sharing;
  • Continuous monitoring of public clouds to control data movements;
  • Variability of data centers to benefit from seasonal public-cloud tariffs.
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Get Clouds Closer!

When developing tailored infrastructures for successful cloud computing, we focus on the user experience our customers will finally have. Cloud business solutions from Sirin Software for data processing and storage are designed with a deep understanding of the importance of both user-friendly interfaces and secure working environments. Our expertise in custom cloud services allows building highly optimized networking algorithms that enable any type of business to benefit from the scalability, cost-efficiency, and data protection inherent in our cloud solutions. Initial needs and expectations of our clients trigger our creativity when we build cloud-based workspaces. We appreciate the win-win strategy when satisfied customers cause our own success.

Only the sky is the limit in business efficiency. Let’s make your project reach the sky, let your business get closer to clouds!



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