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IoT Development

More than thirty billion devices. This is the current amount of the connected IoT hardware worldwide. The same research predicts that by 2025 this number will grow almost 2.5 times. What is this mysterious concept? Why more and more companies are focusing on custom softwaredevelopment in this particular niche?

The Internet of Things is a technological concept, first formulated at the Davos Economic Forum in 1999. It implies the organization of direct interaction (data transmission, processing, and storage) between end devices in real-time and without human intervention.

The most demonstrative example of the IoT implementation are “smart cities”, which initially appeared in Asia, and now specialists develop and implement them in the US and Europe as well.

How is the IoT Concept Implemented?

The Internet of Things is a network of interconnected hardware that interacts with each other in the M2M format. Today, this way of device-to-device communication is mostly used for the continuous generation, transmission, and processing of big data.

As for the scope, today Internet of Things applications can be found in almost any industry where some processes need to be automated and deprived of the harmful influence of the human factor. IoT is developing especially active in the fields of building security, agriculture, logistics, as well as smart solutions for apartments, offices, parking lots, and even entire cities.

Technologies underlying the IoT solutions

There are several communication protocols most commonly used to implement IoT projects. Below we will describe them briefly:

  • Wi-Fi. This set of wireless communication methods operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, provides secure data transmission at distances of 50 to 150 meters and is described in IEEE 802.11 standard;
  • Zigbee. ZigBee is a near-field data transmission protocol with a maximum possible speed of 250 Kbit/s, operating in the 2.4 GHz band;
  • Z-Wave. The Z-Wave-based network is built according to a mesh topology, is characterized by extremely low power consumption, and provides a packet forwarding speed of up to 100 Kbit/s at distances from 40 to 120 m;
  • Bluetooth. Bluetooth is most often employed in prototypes of Smart Home projects. It is implemented using short waves in the range of 2402-2480 MHz and has a bandwidth of up to 3 Mbit/s;
  • LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN will find application in a project where minimum power consumption and maximum security are required, while a low packet transfer rate (up to 5 Kbit/s) is appropriate;
  • MQTT. MQTT-based solutions provide long-distance data transmission. This protocol is the most helpful in conditions where there are restrictions to the bandwidth of the channel, as well as possible network outages.

Where to Look for Developers That Would Implement Your IoT Solution?

Now a few words from our consultant about the rules for finding the developers.

Typically, companies that have no dedicated software development team, turn to the aid of outsourcing coding serviceproviders. Not only does this help to save resources and time, but it also to find the best ITconsultants. Anyway, the problem of choice usually is focused around the location where the head office of the selected software development provider is located.

So, judging by the statements of established business owners, the optimal ratio of price and quality for the services provided can be found in Western and Eastern Europe. For example, the main office of our team is based in Ukraine.

What about developers from other countries? In the US, Canada, and Australia, you can hardly find low-cost remote programming teams. As for countries with lower living standards, such as Mexico and India, the prices for the service of the average developer are an order of magnitude lower than in Europe. However, the quality of the created products usually leaves much to be desired.


The implementation of IoT solutions helps companies to provide end-to-end automation of business processes while reducing the operational costs and risks attributed to human factors.

Do you already have a prototype for your future project? Alternatively, maybe you are still at the stage of thinking over a promising IoT application and need aid with prototyping? One way or another, if you are interested in implementing your business idea, please contact our consultants. Request a free quote to be able to discuss performance and budget details.

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