Enhancing AWS IoT System Scalability and Efficiency

About the Client

Pivotal Commware specializes in the development of software-defined antennas and radios that employ Holographic Beam Forming technology to enhance network speed, capacity, and spectral efficiency.

Company’s Request

The client has requested an expansion of the Research and Development team to enhance the capacity for innovation and project development.

Technology Set

Linux userspace
Utilized as the operating environment for running the various software modules and tools, Linux userspace provides the necessary APIs and system resources to manage device operations effectively.
Employed for its performance efficiency and system-level manipulation capabilities, C++ was critical in developing the backend of maintenance modules, including the software update, SNMP manager, event aggregation, and diagnostic manager.

Sirin Software has developed modules enabling technicians to perform maintenance and remote control of the product.

  • Software Update Module: Facilitates the updating of all components, including the firmware for Linux-based SOMs in both Donor and Service units, firmware updates for the 4G modem, and firmware for the RF boards.
  • SNMP Tunnel: Provides remote debugging capabilities, along with software updates and reconfiguration of the entire system, all through a secure management protocol.
  • Logs Aggregation Module: This robust tool is critical for tracking the system’s operational history and its technical condition, aiding in data analysis and oversight.
  • Diagnostic Module: Designed to detect malfunctions at an early stage, which assists in preventing costly repairs by addressing issues before they escalate.

Value Delivered

Comprehensive Development Support
The team at Sirin Software has been providing comprehensive assistance to Pivotal Commware throughout the entire development process for more than three years.
Innovative Technologies
Over the years, Sirin Software have delivered an array of technologies, including a Software Update Module, SNMP Tunnel, Logs Aggregation Module, and a Diagnostic Module.
High Efficiency and Quality
With the new developments, we ensure that Pivotal Commware's systems are reliable, up-to-date, and operating at peak efficiency, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation in software solutions.
Cost Savings
We maintained the entire work process within the client's budget framework while also effectively minimizing expenses.