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Best Software Development Companies:

Why Choose Us?

Best software development companies always represent something more than just organized groups of professional developers. There are many specialized firms that will simply create what you ask them to do. But not everyone can become a reliable partner. Even if the craftsmanship, attention to detail, dedication, and commitment to excellence are quite impressive.

Sirin Software, for one thing, is not your other embedded software outsourcing company among many.

We are a team of tech-driven full-service IT buffs
who are dedicated to growing along with your success.

We are meticulous and pay great attention to detail.

Our workflow flexibility allows you to increase and decrease participation depending on your needs.

Our qualifications ensure maximum outsourcing opportunities while our communication skills and tireless efforts to satisfy the client’s needs leave no room for criticism.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Only talented professionals bring truly outstanding results to the best IoT development companies. Skilled Ukrainian developers enable Sirin to offer a highly competitive price/quality ratio for firmware development services.

We guarantee that with us you will not spend extra money on custom IoT product development and a quality project of any scale.

Wide range of Sirin solutions

Our extensive experience in firmware development services will allow you to occupy any trendy niche, implement an idea of any complexity, create or update any software asset.t

Sirin Software is an ambitious company that creates software for a wide variety of industries. Namely, we offer embedded software design services in the following areas:

  • embedded Linux;
  • Android system solutions;
  • wearable devices;
  • development of microprograms/microcontrollers;
  • real-time systems development;
  • wireless technologies;
  • cybersecurity solutions;
  • DSP applications;
  • FPGA design;
  • cloud solutions;
  • solutions for high loads;
  • industrial automation;
  • robotics;
  • hardware and equipment.

We strive to keep pace with the times so we pay special attention to embedded systems and custom IoT product development.

You can rest assured that Sirin’s software and IoT software development services will be reliable guides in launching, optimizing, or completing your projects with the most advanced technologies.

High-standard project approach

We are at your service if you are looking for high-quality embedded software design services at an affordable price. At the same time, a sensitive attitude to solving your problems on the basis of a thorough approach is a priority for us.

By providing IoT software development services, we offer our clients the latest technologies:

  • wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Wi-SUN, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth;
  • 5G and Wi-Fi 6 networks.

We also actively use the ZigBee standard, Z-Wave solutions, MQTT, and others. The best tools that are used for embedded firmware development include:

  • cloud servers;
  • gateways;
  • analytics and dashboards.

We provide analysis, processing, and efficient data management using in-memory systems, which, even in the event of a communication failure with the information collection devices, will ensure fast delivery of results.

We value the choice of our customers so we offer not only embedded firmware development but also our participation in creating a strategy for the further use of a new product together with the customer. Our communicativeness and sociability accelerate the creation and development of the scale of projects.

Ideation to implementation

No matter how unique the solution you have in mind is, product development must necessarily meet modern quality standards. That is why, like other best IoT development companies, our approach includes the following steps:

  • Feasibility analysis

    Without prior market competitiveness research, a really good idea may as well turn out worthless. Even the best custom IoT solutions require careful study before they, with the help of our specialists, become unprecedented and in demand.

    The main points to consider are the use case, technology differentiation, spectrum, and total cost of ownership of the product.

  • MVP phase

    Like many firmware development companies, we test our concepts with MVPs built from scratch. This is a quick and relatively inexpensive method to understand if an application is working properly and has good potential. Our specialists use the appropriate HDK or a set of individually printed circuit boards and other necessary components. It usually takes several days to build an MVP. Additional design is not required.

  • Mechanical design and engineering

    After the MVP proves the concept is viable, mechanical design (MD) comes into play. Engineers work with marketers to polish out what the end user ultimately gets.

    Documentation for a production-ready device with custom IoT solutions results from Design-Based Manufacturing (DFM). By the way, IoT design work can be outsourced to third-party developers.

  • Product documentation

    When the first production prototype leaves the assembly line, the complete set of documents is ready. It necessarily contains patents and requirements specifications (PRS), fully disclosing information about a new product, from project objectives to packaging details.

    Two specifications can be prepared separately or within PRS: software requirements and hardware design. No matter what type of IoT equipment is being developed, IoT software development services are always sealed with a complete set of documents.

  • Device integration and compatibility

    Firmware development companies must not only be able to create a working solution but also take into account the ever-changing needs of the business. Companies must carefully identify obsolete hardware and equipment based on specific goals and business results.

Are you looking to implement a turnkey full-cycle project, get professional IoT software development services, or add new functions to an existing solution? There is nothing easier and more interesting for our embedded software outsourcing company.

Just contact us and you will very quickly understand why Sirin Software is one of the best software development companies out there.



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