AI Software Development: Present and Future

By: Segiy Sergienko, 24 Dec 2021
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What was recently considered fiction, today is gradually acquiring very real outlines. As in most other industries, the growing importance of AI in software development is already noted by even the sternest skeptics. This particular disruptive technology is useful at all stages of development, the complex process of which is undergoing tremendous changes today.

According to industry experts, in the next 5 years, the AI software development market will grow by 42.3% annually, reaching a record $126 billion in global shares by 2025!

At Sirin, we are fully confident that artificial intelligence is the future. It will allow us to achieve excellence and efficiency of the highest level across tasks and niches, with its widespread implementation in all areas of activity being only a matter of time and ambitions.

The Use of AI in Software Development

Smart algorithms are required when creating OS solutions and user interfaces for popular smart devices and systems. It’s not about replacing humans with robots. Rather, these tools act as assistants to live and busy project managers, analysts, programmers, and testing engineers.

Artificial intelligence is widely used today to improve and optimize basic processes in:

  1. Project planning
  2. Product testing

This allows parts of the code to be created and tested faster and at a lesser cost. So the methods are radically changing, the level of work of developers and the quality of products are significantly raised. This is not a tribute to fashion, this is a trend for decades and even centuries to come! You ask why?

Because through automation, AI technologies help solve some of the most important and relevant issues. Which ones?

Quality of code

AI in coding is employed to learn how to create code with a minimum of errors or no errors at all, and not to replace it. The “auto-complete” function improves the speed and accuracy of operations, while the mentoring function allows you to create applications in real time. This is how AI in coding frees up more time for creative ideas and design.


AI technologies reduce the likelihood of software deployment failures caused by the human factor and accelerate updates. Well-learned user behavior helps artificial intelligence respond to variable content, such as automatically adjusting the size of font and page elements.

Dynamic interaction with the software in real time helps improve applications as the code changes. As a result, they become more native.


AI in software development effectively handles code security data exploration, vulnerability assessments, static and dynamic security checks.

Developers may avoid delayed and misleading threat warnings. They will not have to waste time looking manually through files with a lot of errors. The robot will help them find and fix them.


This stage used to require painstaking manual work and was distinguished by frequent error occurrences. Today, the high quality of applications is ensured by the use of AI in software testing.

With reinforced algorithms for detecting and eliminating errors, the developer conducts testing quickly and accurately. This accelerates the development cycle and guarantees a higher quality of the final product even right before publication.

Design creation

The designer’s work requires a lot of special knowledge and as much experience. Choosing the best option for each step, they face daunting challenges. As a rule, the choice of the optimal solution is so extensive that it is almost impossible for an average specialist to compare all solutions. And this is where AI technologies come to the rescue.

Indeed, why not involve a robot to determine the client’s desires and use this information for further decision-making in terms of design elaboration?

What is the Superiority of AI Technologies?

Software development and subsequent evaluation using AI in software testing are 10 times more productive than traditional methods. Innovators achieve higher delivery rates, higher returns on investment, and more business benefits. So traditional methods are doomed to profound transformation.

Although Artificial Intelligence cannot yet write the code itself, it shortens the development cycle by automatically executing certain algorithms. It is able to track patterns and preferences, predict decisions and user choices. This gives developers many new automated opportunities:

Precise assessment

Machine learning makes it easy to leverage data from previous projects. The robot’s database can contain thousands of terabytes of information, which will facilitate the forecasting of the forces, resources, and time required for the implementation of the project.

Code refactoring

AI subroutines are 100% accurate in determining the next action or method call in a line of code in various IDEs. This AI in coding feature accelerates the development process while also freeing it from syntax errors and continuous integration violations.

Error processing and automated analytics

Smart algorithms help analyze system logs, allowing you to dynamically change the error response without human intervention.

Smart assistants

By employing AI in software testing, developers get to save the time required for studying documentation and troubleshooting code.

Decision making

AI software development tools are capable of self-learning, accumulating the experience of mistakes from past projects, and helping in analyzing the performance of applications. With their help, it is easier to assess which features should be prioritized and which are obsolete.

Fast prototyping

It takes technology and time to convert business requirements into working solutions. AI in software testing reduces costs of both by using less natural language.

AI simulation-based applications are very popular today. AI integration ensures that applications have sufficient knowledge to solve user interaction problems.

Bottom Line

New technologies are already playing a significant role across industries, and in the future, they will make a huge contribution to the history of all mankind. The one who is the first to appreciate and begin to use their advantages will be ahead of the competition!

If you are committed to leveraging the best AI advances, please contact us. Sirin Software specialists will help you to competently and quickly embed AI in software development without going far.

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