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Sirin Software is continuously absorbing the best practices from the newest trends in technology to satisfy customers having projects in industries that reflect burning societal needs.

Industrial automation solutions go side-by-side with consumer electronics development in our rich practical experience making our portfolio self-referencing.

Our approach to software/hardware development implies dedicated teams of professionals hand-picked individually for projects of any complexity be they belonging to fintech, entertainment, transportation, education, or whichever other modern industries.

Consumer Electronics Solutions

Consumer electronics do not necessarily belong to techno giants. Especially if custom solutions with silver-bullet features are created. Sirin Software has sufficient engineering potential to develop consumer electronics products from scratch on a turn-key basis. <br /> Have an idea about a disruptive consumer gadget? We can transform your insight into a real device to occupy the market.

Automotive Software Development

The automotive industry is exposed to a paradigm shift these days. Sirin Software participates in automotive research and development to follow the zeitgeist.<br /> Let’s make human mobility more sustainable with both your ideas and the automotive product development we provide.

Wearable Solutions

Wearables are leaving the niche of smartphone accessories to become standalone products nowadays. Sirin Software monitors the trend to offer the most up-to-date wearable app development. Our software development expertise can make the high-tech wrist gizmos even more compelling for the users.

Smart Home Solutions

Smart home automation gives new impetus to the comfort of our everyday living. <br /> Sirin Software has conducted a lot of experiments with IoT devices to set up major algorithms of smart home development. We can include almost any chip-driven device in almost any smart-home ecosystem.<br /> Just suggest what feature you want to be present at your smart home and we will create a ready-to-use hardware/software solution.



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