IoT Devices to Present as Holiday Gifts

By: Segiy Sergienko, 24 Dec 2020
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IoT devices are making their robust advent into our lives. Having come all the way from a nascent wonder to a mainstream trend, IoT solutions are increasingly becoming an inalienable part of our everyday routine. While IoT business applications help to streamline and automate people’s work-related activities, it is at home that we would like to see the best IoT devices making our daily grind comfortable and fun.

The desire to try new things is especially compelling in the time of holidays when all of us expect some Christmas miracles to happen and would like to start a New Year with some revolutionary novelty close by. It is also a time when you are eager to bring joy and excitement to your near and dear ones showing how much you care for them. All of these wishes can come true if you opt for IoT mobile solutions or other IoT devices as holiday gifts for your family and friends. Here are some seasonal tips from seasoned experts of Sirin Software on holiday presents that will usher IoT applications into your life. 

IoT Solutions That Will Make a Perfect New Year Present

Any item from the following list of offbeat IoT applications is sure to become a great gift for the ones you love pampering people with various interests and tastes.

Enjoying The Glory Of Light

These IoT applications may have no practical value but they introduce some futuristic swank into our drab existence. Touch-sensitive panels can hardly serve the source of light to see by, yet this 9-panel kit (with a couple of 4-piece expansion kits) is an embodiment of modern art that responds to music pulsing in a hundred hues.

Another type of lighting IoT solutions is a smart system that is synchronized with television content. To make use of it, you should have an HDMI connection, so by switching it on you can accompany the movie you watch or a video game you play with a 45-degree light projection that oscillates in harmony with the TV content. Colors and their shades gradually merge into one another producing an astounding blending effect. 

Making Household Chores a Breeze

This AI-powered robotic vacuum cleaner is a godsend for busy people of the 21st century who try to keep their domestic environment clean. Having programmed its route all over your place and controlling it with your smartphone from the office, you can have your residence dust-free by your arrival to attend to other errands in hand.

Hitting the Road In a Smart Way

Mobile IoT solutions aren’t necessarily smartphone-related, since mobility is what all tourists value greatly. Travel fans are sure to be found in any family or company of friends. Presenting them with some state-of-the-art traveling accessories is an excellent gift idea. One of such items is a smart suitcase with an integrated GPS navigator. Alongside giving you correct directions for your journeys, its app-controlled cyber brain can issue a warning if you packed it with excessive luggage and help avoid paying for it at the airport. Being able to charge your phone from an inbuilt power bank is a convenience that hardened travelers will appreciate as well.

Waking up to the Smell of Coffee

This is one of the most practical of IoT devices. Imagine opening your eyes to a melodious signal and inhaling the exhilarating aroma of freshly-brewed coffee – that’s a picture of a perfect morning for the majority of personnel at Sirin Software. A smart coffee machine can make this coveted dream of all early birds come true. These gadgets are equipped with wi-fi and Bluetooth and can send a message on your smartphone once the stock of coffee in them is running low. Besides, you can program them to get a cup of your favorite beverage steaming ready whenever you want.

Taking Care of Your Pets

With the advent of IoT, cat litter boxes have stopped being just transportation media for your pets.

Digitalized smart boxes can analyze your kitty’s urine, stool, and weight, supplying you with important insights on the animal’s activity to boot.


Winter holidays are a special time to spend with the people you love. The gifts that you prepare for them should not only show how much you appreciate them but also improve their quality of life. Presenting your family and friends with IoT devices is a perfect way to combine these two purposes, creating a memorable celebration and cozy festive atmosphere. 

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