The Most Anticipated IoT Development Trends in 2022

By: Segiy Sergienko, 28 Sep 2021
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In recent years, IoT development has been considered the most promising area of the digital world. And this is not surprising: Internet technologies are becoming an integral part of everyday life. Analyzing the development path of this area, we can trace major trends that set the pace for its progress. Sirin Software offers to get acquainted with the main trends in the world of the Internet of Things that will await us in 2022.

What is The Internet of Things According to IoT Developers?

Despite the fact that the expression “Internet of Things” has become quite common, not everyone understands its true meaning. By the generally accepted definition, the Internet of Things is a system of interconnected devices for collecting, sharing, and storing data without any human intervention. IoT development is a field of IoT building, the main components of which include:

  • connected devices;
  • server software;
  • communication channels;
  • centralized interface software.

In 2019, the number of devices used with IoT development services made up about 7 billion. However, according to the latest forecasts, by 2025 the number of devices connected to IoT will exceed 75 billion devices worldwide.


No wonder that the IoT development market is becoming more in demand in everyday life, as are the efforts of qualified developers who specialize in providing services for creating and configuring IoT devices.

Main IoT Development Trends 2022

As mentioned earlier, the Internet of Things is confidently gaining the majority of positions in the global market. At the same time, several patterns can be traced in its development. In particular, this applies to areas in which IoT development services are already most in demand. According to experts, they will also determine the directions and trends in the development of the Internet of Things in the near future.


Today, the issue of personal data protection is one of the most urgent. As the number of IoT devices grows, IoT development companies are making more and more efforts to meet the challenges of protecting these very devices and user data. Two main tasks can be distinguished, the solution of which will be relevant for several coming years:

  • protection of separate devices within the IoT;
  • reliability of wireless networks used for the IoT.

For this, mechanisms of protection against unauthorized access and multi-step authentication will be used more widely. In addition, the introduction of new technologies, such as blockchain and decentralization of access, will continue to protect the most vulnerable data systems.

Data management as one of IoT development trends

The Internet of Things and Big Data are closely interconnected and are aimed at solving a common problem – tracking user activity and analyzing the collected data. For more efficient use of information, artificial intelligence and VR and AR technologies will also be used.


The move to the IoT will allow companies to track all data collection and analysis processes that may not be available with traditional technologies.

IoT development services and business modernization

The introduction of the Internet of Things in retail and manufacturing is also one of the main trends in the next years. Business IoT developers will be using it mainly for:

  • business processes automation;
  • collection and analysis of TA data;
  • manufacturing automation;
  • planning and control of tasks;
  • organization of safe workflow conditions.

At the same time, many IoT development companies offer services that are not only aimed at changing existing business models but also shaping a new market through a change in the approach to the product, production, and supply chain.

IoT development for comfortable living

Improving the comfort of life is another of the major IoT development trends in the coming years. First of all, it will be aimed at:

  1. Creating “smart city” systems. Through the introduction of devices with IoT, it will be possible to improve the quality of work of utilities, create a system for effective monitoring of traffic, the work of public transport, and government agencies.
  2. Territory monitoring. IoT developers are also needed in the field of agriculture and nature conservation – using a system of smart devices, you can monitor soil moisture, animal populations, climate changes, and more.
  3. Promoting an as-a-service delivery model. It assumes that everyone can get the services they need at the lowest cost and in a shorter period of time. Moreover, this model is being implemented not only in business but also in the public sector.

Many big cities – including London, Copenhagen, and Rio de Janeiro – are already implementing IoT applications, and the global investment in the industry is expected to grow to $1.1 billion by 2022.

IoT development companies in healthcare fields

Among the IoT development trends, the introduction of IoT devices into the healthcare industry remains a very important technological turn.


Already today, devices are actively used to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. The data obtained with the help of such equipment helps not only to monitor the health status of patients but also to promptly respond to any unexpected situations. 

Telemedicine is also gaining popularity – diagnostics of patients via video chat, which does not require a personal presence in the doctor’s office. Also, keep in mind the growing practice of using robotics to perform surgeries without human intervention.

Bottom Line

IoT development services are gaining more and more practical applications. But this does not exclude the presence of certain issues in their implementation. In particular, there is a shortage of qualified IoT development companies, as well as obstacles associated with connecting to remote operations. Despite this, the benefits of using the Internet of Things are becoming more obvious, so if you want to learn more about IoT development and its main trends, contact Sirin Software.

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