A Cloud Hardware-Software Innovation Project for a Solar Powers Distributor

Svea Solar is a professional provider of solar panel systems and solar panel installation services that works with intricate software-hardware combinations of solar solutions, in particular, controlling solar panels via a cloud-based interface. This allows solar panel owners to conveniently manage their solar technologies in real-time through an app or website.


Svea Solar


Solar Energy



We had an ultimate task to create a progressive piece of hardware – an electric vehicle charger along with the cloud-based software for controlling and monitoring it within a client’s single network ecosystem.

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Technology Set




HW design


We needed to provide the most intuitive, hassle-free, and convenient ability for mass consumers to manage their electric car charging routine via a cloud-connected EV charger that can be easily monitored and controlled remotely online. This came out as a part of a complex smart charger solution.

Value Delivered
  • A novel smart EV charger prototype designed and created from scratch.
  • Thoroughly implemented convenient cloud-based management functionality.
  • An authentic combination of cloud software and hardware that can be most profitably marketed.

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