Firmware Upgrade for an Ultra-Wide Band Connection Provider

Lopos is an up-and-coming company focused on the ultimate goal – to develop an ultra-wideband (UWB) solution for location- and distance-based applications. The company’s initial effort in achieving this goal is SafeDistance – a wearable for tracking social distance that’s helping companies across different industries to keep both employees and clients safer and healthier. This is the ultimate solution for companies of all sorts to remain up and running in the global pandemic conditions without compromising anyone’s health and safety.




Western Europe


Consumer Electronics

The client required us to develop a solution that would enable users to configure the existing device through a mobile application connected to the device via BLE. This called for digging deep into the existing client’s firmware and putting lots of manual work into configurations, customizations, and creations of new software assets.

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Technology Set



Android Mobile App



The ultimate goal of the project was to create a developer mode for the device’s firmware for receiving parameters from the Android mobile app via BLE. Thus, we enabled users to get into the developer mode via a sequence of operations inside the main firmware. Basically, this sequence reboots the device and launches it in the developer mode. The mobile application automatically recognizes the activation of the developer mode on a and can be used to push settings.

Value Delivered
  • User-friendly Android app for fast and convenient device configuring.
  • Developer mode for the existing device firmware to receive parameters.
  • Ability to launch the developer mode from main firmware.

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