HMI Implementation for 3D Scanner

Our customer is a high-tech company specializing in developing and delivering fully-automated 3D inspection cells. Their systems provide inline optical quality controls and/or 3-dimensional measurements for the shopfloor.






Industrial automation

Company’s Request

The customer required the creation and implementation of GUI for a 3D scanner which is exceptionally accurate in detecting defects.

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Technology Set

Visual Studio 2017

NET Framework 4.6.2-4.7

C# 7.0




MySQL (MySQL Workbench, MySQL Connector, MySQL 5.7)



Using the latest version of .NET Framework and C# we created a modern graphical application to view and inspect factory products with high accuracy. To achieve it we used Windows Presentation Foundation – a toolkit that allows for the creation of a highly responsive and attractive user interface. On the backend, high-precision comparison algorithms were created with the use of a unique library provided by the customer.


Value Delivered
  • We’ve created a comfortable and functional interface with the touchscreen, which provides ease in working with a 3D scanner.
  • Hardware notifications, warnings, and errors can be read from the PLC and sent to the GUI via the PPU.
  • The project was successfully implemented with a hard deadline. Since the previous contractor couldn’t accomplish the task, our team should meet the client’s expectations to present the ready-to-made solution at the automotive exhibition.

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