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Company’s Request

Today, the key events for the fire departments responding to an incident (en-route, arrived, cleared, back in the station) are radioed to the 911 center by firefighters in the engine at each key event. The firefighters use their physical senses to track statuses of handling the incident. Today, a responsible person makes a radio call to the 911 center for each key event and reports the code “en-route” or ” ” arrived” etc. The current system is inconsistent and depends on human factors a lot.
The firefighters are obliged to produce extensive mandate National Fire Incident Report System (NFIRS) reports after returning back from the incident scene. That requires the two-step engagement: first – at the incident location jotting down the notes at the scene; second – re-entering that information into the database. The extensive part of the work is being done manually.
The Dispatch center is not getting accurate and real-time information about the facilities employed at each incident. The detailed and timely data about the allocation of resources is in a great need.

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Technology Set

Android OS version: 4.3 (api level 18)

Bluetooth: 3.0

Network: 3g or higher

Estimote Beacons

1 or more iPads for Admin panel and Estimote App (virtual beacon)


The Sirin Software developing team produced a system based on mobile application and browser-based Admin application helps build the automatic mobile solution for consistent tracking and recording all key events of the incident handling, storing the incident details in the innovaPad cloud server, instant and effective communication with the database. It enables the Scene Commander to view all the assets in real time and manage the incident scene.
The solution also provides the delivery of the automatic reports right after the incident and offers user-friendly interface to track the current state and the history of each incident, apparatuses, firefighter, etc.
The system demonstrates the use of beacon technology (sensing location, proximity, motion, etc), GPS (geo-fence latitude/longitude) and a smart mobile device application to automatically track firefighters and fire engines and upload data to cloud servers. It includes a browser-based application on the Scene Commander‘s iPad to let him view the assets at his disposal and manage the incident scene.

Value Delivered
  • Improves the speed and efficiency of collecting/processing data.
  • The system can be extended to the district, municipality, state, and country level.
  • Alleviates the risks of errors due to human-machine interactions.
  • Improves resource allocation.
  • The everyday operations of the Fire Departments and Dispatch center will benefit from the real-time data collection.
  • Speeds up cost recovery.
  • Improves the operations of the Insurance Department in charge of automatic filing of claims to recover accident cleanup on behalf of the Fire Department.

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