Mobile App for Immediate Labels Modification







Our client is a retailer of sporting goods who has a wide store network and is an official Nike distributor in four countries.

Company’s Request

The client required a handy solution for changing product stickers directly and as fast as possible without requiring the attention of the additional subdivisions of the company.

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Technology Set

Devices: Android phone, Zebra QLn

Interfaces: Bluetooth

Software technologies/languages: Kotlin, Java, Android, Zebra Programming Language


Sirin Software created an electronic system with printing capability that allows changes to be made instantaneously to existing product stickers.
The system consists of a mobile printer and mobile app. It allows for scanning of the existing products labels and for changes to be made to all the correlating, relevant pieces of information – as reflected in the barcode, price, font, etc.


Value Delivered

Employees can make changes to labels immediately if the need arises. So they don’t lose time and waste effort in implementing urgent changes to a product’s description.

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