Orders System Packaging Optimization for Warehouses







Our client is a retailer of consumer goods who has a wide network of stores and operates in over half-a-dozen countries.

Company’s Request

Owing to the company’s extensive development and the increasing number of warehouses and orders, the client required the creation of a system that would make the work of employees who work with a large number of products in company storage more streamlined.

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Technology Set

Devices: Android phone, Generalscan GS R1000BT

Interfaces: Bluetooth

Software technologies/languages: Kotlin, Java, Android


Our team created a system which optimizes warehouse property accounting and facilitates orders’ packaging.
The system consists of a Generalscan Bluetooth Barcode Scanner and mobile app. The user can scan the barcodes of products which are enumerated in a prepared list that’s downloaded to the app. With this system, an employee can easily identify the requisite specified goods and the app automatically counts packed/non-packed goods on a list assuring an order’s successful completion.

Value Delivered
  • The client received an optimized workflow solution for the packaging process – it’s convenient, timesaving, and reduces costs associated with repackaging and misplaced or confused orders.
  • The solution makes the monitoring of supply balances in the warehouse more precise.

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