Platform for Petabyte Scale Backup and Archive Repositories






Software & Hi-Tech

Company’s Request

The solution was designed from the ground-up to deliver high performance Block and Object storage services, and limitless scalability for the next generation of OpenStack clouds, petabyte scale active archives, and Big Data applications.
The solution runs on shared nothing clusters of industry standard Linux servers, and builds on IP and the patent pending Cloud Copy On Write (CCOW) technology that breaks new ground in terms of reliability, functionality and cost efficiencies.

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Technology Set

Platform: CentOs, Ubuntu14, RHEL 7.0

Programming language: C, C++, node.js

Host and Network Requirements: standard x86 servers 10GbE switches

.deb and .rpm software packages


Our major scope of work included:

  • Development of the main functionality of Cloud Copy On Write.
  • Development of automation tests and integration with Jenkins CI.
  • Integration within different platforms (OpenStack, Linux, VMware and Windows) – in progress.
Value Delivered
  • Next generation design.
  • Data protection & Optimizations.
  • High protection.

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