SabaiOpen Project: OpenWrt-based Operating System

Sabai Technology focuses on the development and distribution of wireless network equipment for use with VPN clients. Sabai Technology has developed a custom operating system, based on the open sourced Tomato OS. Sabai’s goal is to make VPN routers and other VPN network technology accessible to the average home or business.


Sabai Technology




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Company’s Request

In today’s business environment, branch offices are enjoying unprecedented productivity, decision-making authority, and innovation.
Today’s enterprise information and IT staff are demanding increasingly larger amounts of bandwidth and an extremely reliable set of converged virtual private network (VPN) services from their service providers so that they can deliver a rich suite of voice, video, and business critical data applications to their users with the desired level of performance and quality of service (QoS).
Remote-access VPNs allow secure access to corporate resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the Internet.

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Technology Set

Platform: custom x86_64 router


Technologies: C/C++, bash, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, OpenVPN, PPTP, IProute, IPtables, Jenkins


Sabai Open is an OpenWrt-based operating system running on a custom-designed router with x86-64 – architecture. Sabai open OS allows you to administer a network without having specially qualified staff.
Sirin Software has provided VPN logical solutions for remote access connectivity for Sabai Open Project.

Value Delivered

1) Firmware upgrade mechanism implementation (grub2-based)

  • Configuring Linux 0S for the full lifecycle of the router.
  • Development of automatic OS upgrade with the ability to boot in failsafe mode.

2) Back-end implementation and configuration management for customized router features

  • Enabling support for different modifications of custom hardware.
  • Enabling anonymous web surfing using TOR technologies.
  • Enabling OpenVPN and PPTP solutions for users.
  • Development of port forwarding features.
  • Improvement of Gateways features, lptables configuring.
  • Development features based on Linux IP routing.
  • Supporting WEB UI (HTML5, CSS, Jquery 1.10, PHP).
  • Establishing a Continuous Integration process for automated build and testing (Jenkins).

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